Alex Webster’s Top 5 of 2011

The Basick team picked their 'Top Releases of 2011' over on our website (click here to view) and in what has now become an annual tradition, we ask some of our bands, friends and supporters to share their best releases of the year.

First up, we’re kicking it all off with bass god from our recent signings BLOTTED SCIENCE, ALEX WEBSTER! (We’re sure you’ve heard of his other band too…Cannibal Corpse…yeah..that Alex Webster…yeah we know, we love him too!). Lets do this!

Name: Alex Webster

Weapon: Bass

Bands: Blotted Science / Cannibal Corpse

Find him at:


1. Autopsy- Macabre Eternal

The music on this album is absolutely killer, but I could put it at number one for 2011 on the basis of its production alone. Considering how over-produced and artificial a lot of metal productions sound these days, this album’s raw, pure sound is a welcome return to what death metal originally was. It sounds like a band jamming live, not a collection of samples fixed to a grid. 

2. Symphony X- Iconoclast

An amazing release from one of my favourite progressive metal bands. Rather than mellowing with age, these guys keep getting heavier- I love it.

3. Hate Eternal- Phoenix Amongst the Ashes

This album is Hate Eternal’s most diverse. There’s still a ton of ultra-fast brutality, but there is also a depth to the song writing that surpasses their previous efforts. Each song has its own character, and that’s not easy to achieve with extreme death metal. 

4. Anatomy of I- Substratum

Old school progressive death/thrash ala Atheist and Sadus, featuring Steve DiGiorgio on bass? Of course it’s one of my top albums of the year!

5. Obscura- Omnivium

Another great album from one of the best technical/progressive death metal bands ever. All metal bass players need to check this one out, Jeroen Paul Thesseling is one of the best. 

BLOTTED SCIENCE’S New EP The Animation of Entomology’ is out NOW via Basick Records - buy it directly from the online store or it’s also available at all good digital retailers and in stores worldwide. Seek.It.Out!

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