Our bands discuss their favourite Basick releases of the year.


This year our label had some awesome releases including: 

Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here EP (Listen Free)
7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes of Absolution album (Listen Free)
Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise album (Listen Free)
Glass Cloud - The Royal Thousand album
The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code album (Listen Free)
Dissipate - Tectonics EP (Listen Free)
Circles - Another Me single (Listen / Download Free) - just enter 0 in the price you pay.

Barley, Basick boss added Skyharbor to his end of year list. Read here

Lisa, Basick publicist added 7 Horns 7 Eyes to her end of year list. Read here

Sean, Basick IT geek added Chimp Spanner and 7 Horns 7 Eyes to his end of year list. Read here

James, Basick publicist added The Algorithm and Glass Cloud to his end of year list. Read Here

Chad, Basick A&R added 7 Horns 7 Eyes to his end of year list. Read here

We asked some of the bands what their favourite release was, here’s what they said. 


Kaan, vocals - No Consequence

My choice would be have to be Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here. It’s all about Cloud City and Mobius!! The ultimate sci-fi sound track. But I have to say the Glass Cloud record is a close second. The melodic sections pick you up and kiss your lady bits, then you get torn a new one by the heavy sections. Just what you want from a album!! 


Keshav, guitar/evil genius - Skyharbor

Chimp Spanner, All Roads Lead Here. I love this EP to death because Paul Ortiz can just do no wrong. He creates music which simply hits me smack in the gut every time. Ever since I heard his first release Imperium Vorago - aeons ago when he would sell copies himself on his website - I’ve been stunned by the intricacy of his compositions and the amount of emotion he crams into each note. One of the things I’m attracted to the most in music - which is something I strive very hard for with my own - is the imagery it evokes. When I put on my speakers I love to see the music rise to the surface and dance like ghosts between the speakers. Paul’s tunes do just that every time, and with each new release he seems to be delving even deeper into that ‘visual’ aspect of his music, which I simply love. Only criticism is that I wish it were longer!


Ted Furuhashi, guitar - Circles

Def NOT Circles. Bahaha! Too many great releases!!! Glass Cloud would be up there with Chimp and Algorithm, fuck. I loved Skyharbor too. Going on plays, I’d say Glass Cloud. They make me want to build a Lego city and then crush it Godzilla style. Yep, that’s how I measure good albums. Lego and Godzilla. Hanging for Alaya, Aliases, No Consequence and all the other releases next year. Gonna be a HUGE year me thinks :)


Chad, vocals/pecs - A Dark Orbit 

7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes of Absolution. I can never get enough of this album. I constantly listen to it. It has the most perfect mix of all types of metal and it has such a HUGE sound. This album has some of the most vicious sounding vocals mixed with some of the most beautiful leads. This is a must!


Aaron, guitars/mad professor - 7 Horns 7 Eyes

Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here EP. I really came to fully appreciate the music of Paul Ortiz after touring with him this summer on The Contortionist’s “Intrinsic” tour. Prior to that, I think I just simply hadn’t heard enough material to really feel strongly one way or another, and it’s getting increasingly hard for me to be motivated to listen to anything new these days that has the word “djent” as a descriptor, haha. Anyway, Paul sets the bar incredibly high with this release, not only for bands aspiring to noodle around with djenty rhythms, but also technical riffing, jazzy soloing, emotive ambiance, and just smart chord choices and songwriting in general. No one else combines the influences that Paul does so seamlessly, and it doesn’t come off as pretentious or self-gratuitous either. Hard to pick standout tracks since they’re all really good. I’ve got a soft spot for songs I heard night after night on tour, like “Mӧbius Pt I”, and also “Engrams”, which is both haunting and beautiful, and was a perfectly placed interlude in the live setting!


Paul Green, vocals - The Arusha Accord

For me Skyharbor is blates the best of the year! It’s utterly beautiful, I think I told the guys that several billion times after I heard it. It just has so much to offer from the heavy to light spectrum & the atmospherics too good. I feel that the djent sound is fairly stagnated by so many bands but Skyharbor, who I stupidly initially thought would just be another band of said Djentness are instead like a variety box of all your favourite cereals. There is no rubbish bland filler cereal in the mix. It’s all rad sugar coated, E numbered awesomeness!


Evan Dunn, vocals - Alaya

I think I have to go with The Algorithm. I’ve caught myself playing it the most and duh! 2013 is where it’s at!!


Igor Omodei, guitar/creator of middle earth - Uneven Structure

The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code because it’s super fresh and very nice to see a solo artist put something this big out. 

BARLEY - BASICK’s BOSS - Top Albums of 2012 and more….


Barley is the man behind Basick Records. Founder, Director, CEO and A&R God. Usually to be found in the office, in meetings or scouting out the latest burger bars with Sean. He’s the reason we’re all here doing what we do, when he’s not busy working his fingers to the bone in the music industry, he can be found raising money for charity, hill walking, making arse bending hot sauce, hanging out with rock stars or stuck at an airport somewhere.  He’s a great guy to work for (he paid us to say that!) Here are his top picks for 2012 and a little bit about his year. 

Barley Basick - http://www.facebook.com/iambarley

Location - London, UK 

Team Basick - The Boss, The Big Banana, El Capitano. Owns it, runs it, pays for it. 

1. AGENT FRESCO - A Long Time Listening (Record)
After following this Icelandic band for a while, I finally managed to catch them live at this year’s Euroblast Festival in Germany. Not once, but twice; they were so good on the opening day of the festival, that they were invited back to play the following day - which is a first. I grabbed their CD after the show and quite honestly, it didn’t leave my CD player for 2 solid months. Even my kids know all the words to the songs. If you like big songs, with amazing arrangements and instrumentation, interspersed with moments of pure crazy heaviness, then this is a band you need to check out.

2. NARROWS - Painted (Deathwish)
Man, I’ve been waiting for a totally killer doom-punk record to come out for ages… And this is it. Seriously, if the world is gonna end today, I wanna be riding my skateboard alongside the four horsemen of the apocalypse with this record blaring out as the soundtrack. Deathwish nail it again.

3. KEATON HENSON - Dear (Oak Ten)
First and foremost, Keaton is an incredible artist, in every possible sense of the word. I worked with him back in 2006 when he illustrated various things for BASICK and then went on to design the cover for Enter Shikari’s first album along with a whole bunch of other cool stuff… A few years down the line I hear a song on the radio that sounds like my old buddy Keaton. Turns out, it was. Not only is he an insanely talented illustrator, he’s also an incredible songwriter and performer. This album is so delicate and beautiful, yet ridiculously morose and depressing. Classic stuff.

4. THE CONTORTIONIST - Intrinsic (Good Fight)

The level of musicianship on this record is just unbelievable. Every record they put out is a progression from the next, which is quickly establishing them as one of the front runners in progressive modern metal. If they keep this up, the next couple of years should yield some incredible returns for the band. 

5. CONVERGE - All We Love We Leave Behind (Epitaph)

'Jane Doe' - that's all I ever hear from long term Converge fans. Apparently it's an album that can never be surpassed. A stone-cold classic. And of course, they're right. 'Axe To Fall' was an incredible album that had occasional moments of genuine brilliance, but for my money, 'AWLWLB' goes one step further. It's such a cohesive record. A body of work that seems to have captured the Converge 'energy' like nothing else before it. It could just be the album that finally matches its classic 2001 predecessor.

6. CLARO INTELECTO - Reform Club (Delsin)

The master of minimal dub house and techno returns with what is most likely his finest hour since 2004’s ‘Neurofibro’ on Ai Records. Stripped back, chilled yet dark and groovy as fuck, this guy really knows how to delve into your soul in the small hours.

7. SKYHARBOR - Blinding White Noise (BASICK)

Another album that didn’t leave my CD player for at least two months. It has been an absolute pleasure developing this band and seeing the fruits of their labour being so well received and critically acclaimed worldwide. Incredible songwriting, incredible musicianship resulting in one of the best albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of releasing.

8. DEFTONES - Koi No Yokan (Warner)

There’s nothing more to say about this record, that hasn’t already been said a million times by others with a more verbose and extensive vocabulary than myself. The masters return with yet another masterpiece. Ridiculous.

9. LAST WITNESS - Mourning After (Holy Roar)

I genuinely surprised myself when I listened to this record and ended up loving it. I guess you could say that this is my guilty pleasure on this list. Beatdown central, but delivered in a very convincing fashion, with acerbic vocals, vitriolic lyrics and devastating hardcore grooves to boot. Killer.

10. DYSCARNATE - And So It Came To Pass (SOAR)

Without a doubt, the best new UK death metal band on the scene, bar none. If this album is a taste of things to come, then this band will be world beaters. If you like classic death metal with a modern twist, then go listen to it, right now.

2012 is nearly at an end, how has it been for Basick?

This year has been fantastic for BASICK - we’ve put out some of our best releases, seen some of our highest ever sales numbers and we’ve also finally branched out into the worldwide scene, signing bands from America and India I’m order to offer up a truly international roster. It’s been a great year.

Looking ahead to 2013, what can fans of the label expect?

Next year is shaping up to be the busiest year in the label’s history, we’re going to be releasing more records than in any year previously, so it’s going to be busy! We’ve also got second records coming from most of our original artists, which is a great honour and going to be a lot if fun.

You signed 3 new bands this year, Dissipate, Alaya, Damned Spring Fragrantia – all very different but with a common thread running through all three. Tell us a bit about how you discovered each band and what they bring to the roster. 

Well, first and foremost each band has an incredibly unique songwriting ability, which is the very first thing we look for when signing a new band. For me, that’s the most important thing. Without ‘songs’ a band is nothing. The truth is; good songs and overall talent will always find a way of rising to the surface through the mire. We discovered each of these new bands by remaining alert and receptive to the new bands that are making credible noise. And I can’t see this policy changing any time soon.

What has been your biggest Basick highlight of 2012

Moving into our own offices in Camden, London has been pretty huge for us. It gives us a solid base in the city to work and network from. First office of many we hope. 
Any particular Basick lowpoint of 2012 or anything you’ll do differently next year?

No real low points as such, but you’re always learning things in this industry, so inevitably there will be some things that we’ll be doing differently next year. 

Best basick show of 2012?

I can’t choose just one… Our HMV London showcase in February was a real coming of age for us, but to then go on and practically sellout The Underworld with Siege Of Amida this September just compounded the feeling. Our huge presence at this year’s Euroblast Festival and The Algorithm’s album launch were also great moments too. 

Biggest personal highlight of 2012

For the label; it’s simply been seeing things go from strength to strength.
For myself personally; hiking 100 miles along the coast of Cornwall in aid of Cancer Research. Oh and making a conscious decision to not give any of my money to Tesco or McDonald’s for a full 12 months… Feels good.

Some big releases from the label this year. Describe each in just one word

Skyharbor – Blinding: SOAREAL
Glass Cloud -  Thousand: RIFFRAFF
Dissipate – Tectonics: CRUSHTING
Circles – Another Me: CAPTAINHOOK

Favourite film of the year?

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises 

Other labels you’ve admired this year?

Honestly, in this day and age I admire any independent label that can stay afloat and remain true to their morals at the same time. There are lots of us out there, so make sure you support and stay indie.

Shout outs and thanks: 

Massive props to Lisa, Sean, James & Chad, without whom I’d die of a stress related heart attack, our distributors for fighting tooth and nail to promote our releases, our bands for writing incredible music but most importantly, massive thanks to TEAM BASICK; the supporters of the label, without whom none of this would be possible. Thanks so much, you fucking rule.



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All of it…but seriously, the end of year lists have placed 7 Horns 7 Eyes album - Throes of Absolution in lots of their top 5 lists, Skyharbor album -Blinding White Noise and The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code have all impressed the critics. So check those out. 

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SEAN BASICK - Top Albums of 2012 and more….

Sean is the legend behind all of our IT systems, website technology, architecture and design work. Mostly he drinks guinness, grows outstanding levels of beard, talks in a Scottish accent so thick he has his own subtitles and goes to just about every gig that passes through London. Mention Enter Shikari, The Arusha Accord or Between the Buried and Me to him and he turns into a puddle. In truth, we need to clone him because he’s so special and essential to what we do at Basick, and there’s never enough of him to go around.  Here are his top picks for 2012 and a little bit about his year. 

Sean Basick - http://www.facebook.com/seanislegend

Location - London, UK - but originally from Glasgow 

Team Basick - IT God, Guinness Gobbler, Celebrity Stalker, Inventor of the Scotch Pie, Beard Hero (Level 5). 

1. Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence

2. Deftones - Koi No Yoken

3. Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind

4. Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here

5. The Early November - In Currents

6. Meshuggah - Koloss

7. Torche - Harmonicraft

8. Rush - Clockwork Angels

9. 7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes of Absolution

10. The Secret - Agnus Dei

What’s been your personal highlight/ of 2012?

Meeting all of Between the Buried and Me after their Shepherd’s Bush Empire show and acting like a complete 14 year old fan girl. We all have our moments…

What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Not being vommed on by James Basick.

What do you wish you’d done more of? 

More gigs, more travelling, more time with old friends.

What do you wish you’d done less of?

Being stuck in an office working!

Best Basick Records ‘thing’ of 2012?

Celebrating our 7th birthday in a packed-out Underworld.

Best film of 2012?

Sadly didn’t see many new films this year, so The Avengers!

TV show you watched the most in 2012?

Breaking Bad

What was your greatest musical discovery or rediscovery?

The Ghost of a Thousand and getting to see them one last time at Alexisonfire’s farewall show at Brixton Academy. Incredible band.

Best gig or festival of 2012?

Kerouac’s farewell show at The Old Blue Last with Bastions, Pariso, Values, The Long Haul and Gnarwolves.

Biggest WTF moment of 2012?

Celtic beating Barcelona making it through to the last 16 of the Champions League!

How will you be spending Christmas?

Getting drunk with my family back home in Glasgow!

Finally, a band wants to get signed to Basick in 2012, what’s your advice for them?

Don’t let James vom in your hair.

Lisa Basick - Albums of 2012 and more….


Lisa is one of our PR team and also looks after marketing, she also is mum to the bands and helps to look after their every whim, she does office admin, sales admin, she looks after social media strategy and anything else the boss generally forgets to do! Mostly she eats chocolate, talks about cats and is obsessed with Between the Buried and Me.  She runs her own PR company - Hold Tight! PR with James Monteith from TesseracT and her own website full of advice for bands.   Here are her top picks for 2012 and a little bit about her year. 

Lisa Basick - http://www.facebook.com/lisaukmu

Location - Scotland, UK

Team Basick - Publicist, BTBAM Stalker, Malcolm Tucker wannabe. 

1. Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Put it this way, Between the Buried and Me could have put out an album of just kitten sounds and it would still have been my No1. I love these guys, I love how they’ve progressed from each album, I love how well Paul and Dustie work together and I feel that as a band, they are finally hitting their stride with the most latest releases. Moving to Metal Blade seems to have propelled them even further and I’m excited to see where they go from here. 

2. 7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes of Absolution


Had BTBAM not released this year, 7 Horns 7 Eyes would have been No1. I heard this album prior to release and knew straight away it would be high on my year end list, and it’s great to see so many of the press and record buying public also agreeing and adding it to their lists. The guitar playing alone on this record is enough to warrant it a top spot, but add to that the addition of my little grumbly dragon vocalist JJ and it’s one of the best albums I’ve heard in years, not just this year. As a debut it shone and where they go next is anyones guess. MOAR! 

3. Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme


This pleases my inner growler. I loved this album from start to finish, 7 albums in and for me at least, they just keep getting better, stronger and more nasty. Technically brilliant, you know what you get with Dying Fetus, it’s loud, it’s growly, it’s going to smash your teeth in and there’s gonna be a bucket of top notch Death Metal riffs included. 

4. Enslaved - RIITIIR


An absolute peach of an album, fusing progressive heaviness, black metal and clean vocals, all things guaranteed to hit my sweet spot. When I first heard this (recommended by Dom Lawson, thanks mate!) I just nodded and smiled for hours doing that YES…YES THIS IS IT…face. Makes me want to sit in a forest and talk to trees. 

5. Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Big Moon Ritual 


If there’s one thing I’ll remember from this year, it was listening to hours and hours of southern rock, blues and groove. From all of those hours, the finest album and the one I listened to the most was Big Moon Ritual by the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. It makes me want to sit naked in a vat of Jack Daniels and then wrestle some gators. Fantastic album. 

6. Dysrhythmia - Test of Submission 


This tickles my inner nerd spot. Avant garde, insanely technical, jazzy and mad as a box of frogs - it’s just everything I love in music. Experimental, exciting, discordant and superbly technical. They are supreme master musicians and I could listen to this album back to back all day and never get sick of it. Please check them out. 

7. Latitudes - Individuation


I’ve loved Latitudes for many a year, and also because they’re on shelsmusic, you pretty much know that any release coming out of that label is always going to be a winner. What I love about Latitudes, for the same reason I love BTBAM, is their continual progression and experimentation in sound. Many bands sound the same from album one until they die, but for the few brave bands who continue to evolve, progress and change, it can be a rewarding experience. Individuation is an absolute corker of an album. 

8. Astra - The Black Chord


An absolute noodling, rich, journey of an album, this is prog/rock at it’s finest, at least in my eyes. Technically brilliant progressive song structures are just dripping, NAY leaking out of this album like happy hookers on a busy day. There’s nothing more to say, put this on, feel all warm inside, prog on! 

9. Counter World Experience - Music for Kings


Found these guys via Spotify a year or two ago, fell in love with their jazzy metal progressive sounds immediately and have been waiting for new material since then. This year they delivered in spectacular style. If you like a bit of technical, instrumental metal, infused with progressive style and jazz leanings, get in about these guys because they are phenomenal and criminally unknown. 

10. Gaza - No Absolutes in Human Suffering

Let’s end on a bit of filthy, face fuckery. Gaza are great. It’s just a punishingly insane listen from start to finish which by the end of it, you’ll be screaming into babies faces and drop kicking kittens all over the place. Dark, heavy and fast, if you’ve not heard this album yet, smear it into your ears and wait for the kick back. 

Honourable mentions

Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise
Pilgrim - Misery Wizard
Inverloch - Dusk/Subside (the only reason this didn’t make my top 10 is it’s only 3 tracks but goddamn it’s awesome!) 
Dissipate - Tectonics
Sucioperro - Fused 
Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here 
Behold The Arctopus - Horrorsentience 
Dordeduh - Dar De Duh 

What’s been your personal highlight/ of 2012?

Getting this little guy, he’s a white Persian and his name is Loki. He follows me every where and sleeps on top of me to keep me warm. 


What was your biggest achievement of the year?

The launch of my website. I started up my own little corner of the web, I’ve never had one before. People always ask me for advice or interviews, so I thought, why not combine it all into one place. I’m kinda proud of it. (It’s all just cats, star trek and between the buried and me!) 

What do you wish you’d done more of? 

Relaxing. Running your own business means that you have to be all things, to all people, all of the time. It takes a lot of time and effort to grow your business and it’s never, ever going to be a 9-5pm job, Monday to Friday. I enjoy it too much anyway, but a little more ‘off’ time would be great. 

What do you wish you’d done less of?

Worrying, I worry about everything and everyone, all of the time. 

Best Basick Records ‘thing’ of 2012?

The HMV showcase in London was an important step for us as a label. We sold out the venue, we showcased some great talent and we were part of a great event, “The Next Big Thing” which was a great experience. Plus Jerry Ewing, Editor of Prog Magazine got me absolutely hammered. 

Best film of 2012?

Avengers Assemble. Loads of fun, the Hulk is hilarious in it and Thor is gorgeous. The worst film of this year was Sand Sharks. Don’t watch that film! 

TV show you watched the most in 2012?

Deadliest Catch, I’m now obsessed with Alaska and crab boat fishing. I love it. I want to crew on the Northwestern! 

What was your greatest musical discovery or rediscovery?

The Derek Trucks Band - awesome southern groove. 2012 was the year I listened to a whole lot of southern rock. 

Best gig or festival of 2012?

Was the most recent! About a week ago, a sweaty little cave in Edinburgh, about 40 folk packed into a vault under the streets of Edinburgh to see the return of old Candlelight signing, Korpse. The room was heaving with sweaty beards, the music was fantastic, both Korpse and Zillah played blinders. I much prefer smaller gigs to huge stadium gigs, the intimacy and rawness of a small, sweaty venue, where the singer is spitting in your face/hair cannot be rivalled. 

Biggest WTF moment of 2012?

The mainstream media. They need euthanised and replaced, they are beyond a joke, ridiculously propaganda-ish and more concerned with pushing the cult of celebrity. Seriously, I don’t care who Katie Price is shagging this week, that’s not news. Real journalism is rare these days, it needs to make a comeback. 

How will you be spending Christmas?

Locked in the house, phone and emails switched off, pyjamas on, cosy and cuddled in with my husband, eating good food, watching old black and white movies and not moving until it’s January. 

Finally, a band wants to get signed to Basick in 2012, what’s your advice for them?

Be better than everyone else. Be inventive, be prolific, think outside of the box. We’re looking for fiercely progressive bands, in any genre. But your technical ability and songwriting ability have to impress. Or you could just send us chocolate and cat pictures. That works too. 

CHAD BASICK - Top Albums of 2012 & more….


Chad is our resident American A&R guru/god, bringing us all the hottest, freshest sounds for us to hear/sign at Basick. When he’s not out scouting for bands, he’s the vocalist in A Dark Orbit, also signed to Basick, who have a release coming out in 2013. Here are his top picks for 2012 and a little bit about his year. 

Chad Basickhttp://www.facebook.com/adarkorbitstl

Location - USA

Team Basick - A&R

No particular order:

1. A.I.(d) - “Disorder” - I think this album is such an amazing step forward in the progressive DIY instrumental metal craze. It sounds as if Chimp Spanner and The Algorithmfornicated and had an offspring, and this offspring tripped acid called Meshuggah! It’s nuts! 


2. Arctic Sleep - “Arbors” - These guys are by far my favorite precious gem that no one seems to know about. It is literally a crime not to listen to these guys. Seriously some of the most epic, heavy, and ambient stuff I have ever heard. Beautiful and crushing stuff. It sounds like Neurosis mixed with HUM.

3. The Contortionist - “Intrinsic” - This album is so beautifully written through and through. The constant newly added clean vocals really give it a sweeping and fluid soundscape that most bands cannot achieve. Very awesome!

4. 7 Horns 7 Eyes - “Throes of Absolution” - I can never get enough of this album. I constantly listen to it. It has the most perfect mix of all types of metal and it has such a HUGE sound. This album has some of the most vicious sounding vocals mixed with some of the most beautiful leads. This is a must!

5. Meshuggah - “Koloss” - OK…it’s Meshuggah! The main thing I really loved about this was that they actually slowed their sound a bit that it almost gave off a sludge feel to it in parts. They never disappoint and I can believe they can keep coming up with new f&$#ed riffs! Kudos once again to the GODS of groove!

6. Slice The Cake - “The Man With No Face” - This release is a great DIY project that spans a few countries. It is seriously one of the best and heaviest albums of the year. The progressive /death metal that has been created for this record really cannot be matched. It has tons of groove that I don’t even think was meant to be achieved. Don’t let the name fool you, and go pick this up!

7. A Life Once Lost - “Ecstatic Trance” - Well after a long escape for ALOL, they are finally back with their calculated sound of groove and aggression. I still cannot stop listening to this release. They still managed to get their old sound back with the addition of some new perfections. Welcome back!

8. Deftones - “Koi No Yokan” - What can I say….it’s the DEFTONES! They have never disappointed and this release does not slip. They dive even deeper into their own on this release, with despite what a lot of pre-release reviews claimed to be a more aggressive sound, I felt like they slowed it down a touch. This reminds me more of “Saturday Night Wrist” feel than anything else. I felt they experimented more and came out with another diamond. 

9. Devil Sold His Soul - “Empire Of Light” - The atmosphere that these guys can create are just unreal, and this album tops them all! They grab you by the first song on the record and engulf you until you suffocate in their sound. This is one of those albums that must be heard from front to end. This is a masterpiece! 

10. [Car-Bomb] - “w^w^w^w” - Finally a new release from these guys and it’s a good one. They are still as chaotic as ever but they have learned to tame the beast a bit. You cannot seem to be in just awe as you listen to this madness. They have that perfect name…its a car bomb going off in your brain!

Honorable Mentions:
Glass Cloud - “The Royal Thousand”
Danza IIII: The Alpha and The Omega
Winters - “Depths EP” 
Bermuda - “The Wandering”
Empire:Andromeda - “Chapters EP”
Napolean - “What We See”
The Burial - “Lights and Perfections”
Enter Shikari - “A Flash Flood of Colour”
Vision of Disorder - “The Cursed Remain Cursed”
Hypno5e - “Acid Mist Tomorrow”
Innerty - “Tabula Rasa”
Solace - “Call & Response”

What’s been your personal highlight/ of 2012? Getting my band, A Dark Orbit, back to where it needed to be!

What was your biggest achievement of the year? Having A Dark Orbit open for Between the Buried and Me for a sold out crowd and finally finishing the debut full length “Parhelion”.

What do you wish you’d done more of? Making more $, reading, writing, and working on designs.

What do you wish you’d done less of? Procrastinating

Best Basick Records ‘thing’ of 2012? Signing Glass Cloud and upgrading the office.

Best film of 2012? Prometheus

TV show you watched the most in 2012? The Walking Dead / Hell on Wheels

What was your greatest musical discovery or rediscovery? Slayer

Best gig or festival of 2012? Centaur (Matt Talbott of HUM) / Slayer (Mayhem Festival)

Biggest WTF moment of 2012? The STL Cardinals coming back from a 7-5 two out, bottom of the 9th inning terror to win the game 9-7 and take the series 3-2!

How will you be spending Christmas? With my family in Illinois/Missouri

Finally, a band wants to get signed to Basick in 2013, what’s your advice for them? Work hard, never settle for what you just created, and get involved to promote and get your name out there! Oh yeah…sound different than the norm!



Hey guys – what have you been up to for the last few months?

We’ve been mainly doing two things: driving all over Europe with a 20 years old van with no hiccups and we started recording an EP!

How has 2012 been for you? Highlights? Any particular low points?

It’s been generally great. Lots of contenders for the main highlight, playing in Moscow with Chimp Spanner was quite an amazing experience, the Protest The Hero tour helped us do enough shows in a row to miss the stage every moment we’re not on it, both Progpower and Euroblast fest were great aswell!

As for low points, I guess Benoit, Matthieu and Jean wrecking their car on black ice after an 8h trip back from the Basick Showcase wasn’t exactly a fantastic experience, especially for them.

We’re on the final run up to Christmas and the end of the year – what are you busy cramming into the final few weeks?

We’re only a month away from 2013 but we still have a load of things that needs to be done till the year ends. First there’s this EP I was talking about earlier, which NEEDS to be done before the year ends, then we’ve got this awesome German/Czech/Austrian tour with War From A Harlots Mouth and Bitterness Exhumed and the tiny bits of free time left will be spent on editing our new music video.

What releases from 2012 have you been particularly impressed with? (doesn’t have to be metal)

With no particular order, Chimp Spanner’s All Roads Lead Here, The Algorithm’s Polymorphic Code, Danza IV, Soundgarden’s King Animal, Neurosis’ Honor Found In Decay, Converge’s All We Love We Leave Behind, Twelve Foot Ninja’s Silent Machine and A.I.(d)’s Solar Feelings. A pretty good year!

What do the band want from Santa for Christmas?

He could bring Burger King back in France so we don’t have to forcefeed ourselves every time we see one on tour and miss local food! But will he?

2013 - what can we expect from Uneven Structure?

Equally as many shows, possibly over new grounds (please). An EP, one or more one-off songs and maybe (maybe!) hints towards a new album.

Final message for fans?

We’re going to battle through the awesome weather that Germany has to offer in December to play shows so please come over. We’ll make it worth your time, we promise!

Catch Uneven Structure on tour throughout December on the following dates:

29.11 Hamburg (DE) - Hafenklang
30.11 Münster (DE) - Sputnikcafe
01.12 Bautzen (DE) - Steinhaus
02.12 Tabor (CZ) - Orion http://on.fb.me/RA9rlk
04.12 Praha (CZ) - Modra Vopice http://on.fb.me/SYXOpf
06.12 Rüsselsheim (DE) - Rind Club
07.12 Salzburg (AT) - Rockhouse Bar
08.12 Stuttgart (DE) - Juha West

Huzzah. We are pleased to announce the arrival of 2 new tee designs in store.
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Huzzah. We are pleased to announce the arrival of 2 new tee designs in store.

And if that wasn’t good enough, after a few months of merch issues, problems and heartache, we’ve finally teamed up with BSI Merch, to outsource distribution to ensure the stuff you order gets into your hands as quickly and professionally as possible. They’re wonderful, we can’t thank them enough. We’re so happy, we might send them a cake. So whilst they’re packing up the merch, we can get back to the business of scouring the world to discover new music to bring to your ears. FABULOUS! 

First up is the Basick ‘Heritage’ tee - commissioned to celebrate our British roots as we continue to expand worldwide, and launched in time for the London 2012 Olympics. Check it out here. It’s on pre-order just now and will ship on the 27th July. 

Second is our brand new Chimp Spanner design. Chimp Spanner are currently on tour, conquering America alongside Jeff Loomis, The Contortionist and 7 Horns 7 Eyes. These are available to order in store NOW

Go check out what is in store NOW - we have a lot of new product lines being added soon. Cheers for your patience with us on this, and cheers to BSI Merch for taking over. Cakes soon…promise! 


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CHIMP SPANNER WILL BE ON TOUR IN THE USA IN JULY with The Contortionist, Jeff Loomis and 7 Horns 7 Eyes. For more info, visit here

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Basick Records supports Record Store Day - http://www.recordstoreday.co.uk/ 

Starting at Midnight (BST), for 24 hours only, we want you to celebrate with us. Use the promotional code RECORDSTOREDAY to get a whopping 25% off your order. 

Head to http://store.basickrecords.com at midnight tonight (UK time) and all day throughout the 21st April. 

Our first ever YouTube unboxing, courtesy of KangaEmpire, who just received his Chimp Spanner Ltd Edition Vinyl of ‘All Roads Lead Here’. (In store here)

We love this so much, thanks for this! We’d love to see more of these. One thing we love about the internet is the ability to communicate with our friends, fans and family worldwide, so please make more videos and let us know about them, we’ll feature you on here! 

FREE Basick Records 2012 Sampler - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

To wish all our fans, friends and supporters a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and special New Year, we’ve teamed up with AMAZON to release a FREE sampler featuring some of our favourite tracks from the BASICK roster.

This NEW sampler features tracks from recent signings SKYHARBOR, BLOTTED SCIENCE and THE ALGORITHM, as well as stunning work from CHIMP SPANNER, ALIASES, CIRCLES, MONUMENTS, UNEVEN STRUCTURE and many, many more.

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1. CHIMP SPANNER - Dark Age Of Technology 04:15 
2. CIRCLES - Act III 05:40 
3. MONUMENTS - The Uncollective (instrumental) 03:51 
4. SKYHARBOR - Celestial (edit) 04:03 
5. UNEVEN STRUCTURE - Awaken (edit) 04:40 
6. 7 HORNS 7 EYES - The Winnowing 05:35 
7. BLOTTED SCIENCE - A Sting Operation - Human Barbequed 02:21 
8. ION DISSONANCE - This Is The Last Time I Repeat Myself 04:36 
9. THE ARUSHA ACCORD - The Resurgent 03:26 
10. ALIASES - The Reality Of Beliefs 03:40 
11. VISIONS - Oceans 04:59 
12. THE ALGORITHM - Isometry 03:06

Interview: CHIMP SPANNER discuss their recent tour

This time last week Chimp Spanner were on tour across the UK with label mates Uneven Structure and UK prog metallers TesseracT. Now the band are safely home, Lisa Basick caught up with the band to reminisce about their first full UK tour. Catch them on tour with TesseracT across Europe (dates here) and headlining the second stage at Euroblast in Germany in October.

Check out what the press thought of the tour in these reviews:

London || Birmingham || Glasgow || Manchester

Chimp Spanner Live: Boris (Drums), Jim (Guitar), Paul (Chimp, Guitar), Swanny (Bass). Photo: Francois Filon

Tiny little chimp Pookie (Paul is holding) courtesy of Greenpixy Amigurumis

Listen to the album ‘At the Dream’s Edge’ for free on Basick Records Bandcamp

Pick up some physical Chimp Spanner merch and CD’s at the Basick Store

1. So, how was the tour? Any outstanding memories or major mishaps along the way?

Paul: The tour was fantastic! It’s only our second time out on the road but everything felt so much more comfortable. Also helped that we had a great sound guy on board (Aidan O’Brian). Ah you know, I think we were pretty lucky as far as mishaps. There was the odd dodgy monitor wedge to deal with and a few funny goofs here and there but nothing major. Smooth sailing.

Boris: It was actually a VERY GOOD tour!!! I already miss it :) The best memory for me is the fact that we could watch TesseracT live every night during 9 days!! (I’m actually listening to “One” while I’m answering your questions) There were not any major mishaps during this tour but if I have to pick one I will say it was on the very last gig at the very end of our last song of the set (The Mirror) on my very last flying stick trick I didn’t catch it hahaha, shame when you know that I do it quite a lot during the sets and I never ever missed it during the whole tour ggrrr lol

Jim: Tour was incredible! Certainly a step up from our last outing for TYBYWY - both in venue and performance calibre. We did a helluva lot of prep for this tour and recorded the set tens of times to make sure we had stuff down. I think it paid off!

Swanny: An amazing experience, awesome touring with such amazing musicians, no bad luck, no tour aids and Boris didnt even drop a stick until the last riff of the last show, EUROPE HERE WE COME.

2. Best gig of the tour for you?

Paul: They were pretty much all awesome, but London was really something else. We were nervous because there was so much press there and we were really keen to make an impression. Somewhere between the nerves and the fear, we managed to have a great time, and the crowd gave it back to us tenfold. Amazing night.

Boris: LONDON !!! Sorry to the other cities but the crowd was insane and I really loved the energy they threw at us. I like to interact with the crowd, a live gig for me is all about sharing feelings/emotions with the crowd in front of you and when it works well and the crowd give it back to you its a good show to me.

Jim: London was incredible. Best turnout by a damn sight, but for me personally I felt like I really got into the groove somewhere around Birmingham/Manchester, because the first couple of shows went so well it became more about putting on a show rather than just musical performance.

Swanny: All the shows went really well, I think my favourite was Manchester because of the awesome monitor guy, I think it was the first time I’d ever played a Chimp show that was completly fuck-up free, am I allowed to say that……

3. Worst gig? Reasons why?

Paul: Sheffield *only* because I was feeling terrible when I went on stage, and was remembering everything I had to play about 1 second before I had to play it. I can only liken it to playing a song on Guitar Hero, on expert, for the first time. Let that be a lesson kids: no making party time before a show!

Boris: I will not say worst gig but maybe Cardiff was the one I enjoyed the least, basically because it was the day after London where the crowd was amazing and I couldn’t feel the crowd in Cardiff and I also had troubles with my monitors during the gig which make it a bit more difficult.

Jim: Worst gig would have to be Cardiff unfortunately, but not particularly down to the venue itself - it actually had the comfiest and most well-catered backstage area of all the venues we played which, as most members of touring bands will tell you, is massively appreciated! But a few things that we had no control of made it a particularly tricky show for us.

Swanny: The worst show for me was Sheffield. Not that it went bad but just weird vibes maaaaan, WEIRD VIBES.

Boris spins his sticks. Photo: Proghippie

4. Did you play any tour pranks on each other or the other bands?

Paul: Ah we’re way too nice for that. Saying that, we did have quite a bit of fun at Boris’s expense when we discovered that he’s afraid of wasps…and cannot pronounce the word ‘wasp’. I think it wore a bit thin by the end. For him. Not for us. Sorry Boris :]

Boris: EEEuuuuu I personally didn’t :)

Jim: We didn’t actually, it was super tame! I guess when your tour package consists of numerous genuinely nice guys it’s hard to actually want to fuck with someone!

Swanny: No, not really, this tour went pretty much prank free, apart from the constant bad french accents, UNEVEN STRUCTURE, WE LOVE YOU.

5. How was the accomodation along the way? Anyone you want to give shout outs to?

Paul: At the very least we managed to have some secure parking to sleep in the van. Mostly we just let Uneven Structure take the floor space because our van was kitted out for sleeping, and theirs was not. But thanks very much to everyone who had us a long the way, and especially to Sean McEmerson's neighbour for letting me into her house smelling like Whiskey so I could use her shower. Personally, I wouldn't have let me in.

Boris: We mainly slept in Kaan’s van, our driver (singer for No Consequence) who had beds inside so it was not too bad.  Thanks to Fabio and Ben for their hospitality.

Jim: The biggest shout out has to be to Kaan from No Consequence who was our driver on the tour. His van doubled as our accommodation for the vast majority of the tour and it is absolutely shit-hot in my opinion! Other guys that were good to us was our good buddy Fabio in Leeds/Bradford kinda area, with his unrivalled next level breakfast manoeuvres! One of my oldest friends Ben in Nottingham put some of us up 2 nights running and gave up some of his precious breakfast bacon for us all!

Swanny: As usual there was many die-hard djent fans willing to put us up for the night, which I am eternally grateful for. Too many to name here but I’m just gonna say I love you all for supporting the cause. Oh and I’d like to give a shout out to Bens cats for being awesome, if their reading this next time we meet the catnips on me.

6. A lot of reviews have cited you as THE band who stole the show each night, which is amazing given it was TesseracT’s headline tour and you are an instrumental band. Were you happy with the crowd reaction?

Paul: Well needless to say we’re very flattered! We knew from the beginning that there were going to be a lot of comparisons made between us and TesseracT even though, in reality, we’re very different bands. But by all accounts we held our own, and more importantly, complimented the evening as a whole. That’s what I wanted to achieve, and I think that’s what we did. There were a few puzzled faced at the start of our set but otherwise the crowds reacted just great.

Boris: Of course its always a pleasure to read in reviews that you stole the show, especially when the almighty TesseracT were headlining. We take this as a big compliment and it give us strength for the future !!!

Jim: The crowd reactions, if I’m honest, took some getting used to! Lots of people stood back waiting to figure what we were all about, and some of the big crescendo’s in some songs happened without the crowd stirring, which is odd when nailing something like the middle section of Under One Sky is like a massive victory for us all!

Swanny: Well that’s very flattering. The crowd reactions were very mixed, probably because it was a lot of peoples first time hearing Chimp Spanner in a live scenario and they were busy trying to stop their faces from melting.

7. This review states that “The simple fact is that live music needs vocals.” and that “Prog NEVER works live, no matter how good you are.” - bold statements. Do you feel you are at a disadvantage being an instrumental band? And how do you feel Prog works in a live setting?

Paul: Well, I know you can’t please all the people all the time! I’m totally fine with people just not digging us. But in this case it sounds like the reviewer either caught us at the wrong show, or simply went to a gig he was never going to enjoy. The crowd at the Garage (London) would heartily disagree with him. Of course that’s the whole point/beauty of music; it’s subjective! But it’s certainly no “fact” that Prog doesn’t work live. Hasn’t he heard of Rush?!

My own personal feelings are that what we’re all doing is just…making music. Sometimes it’s music you can go batshit to, and sometimes it’s music you can simply watch/listen and enjoy. Some of the quietest and most reserved people in the audience have also been the most appreciative and complimentary after we’ve played. So whether people are going nuts, or simply being attentive, as long as they’re enjoying what we’re doing then that’s all that matters.

As to being disadvantaged without vocals? It certainly makes the music more exposed. And there’s that feeling that eyes are constantly on you. But it’s just another challenge, and makes it that little bit cooler when someone who normally avoids instrumental music tells you they enjoyed the show and walks away with your album in hand!

Boris: I don’t think its a massive disadvantage being only an instrumental band, I actually really like instrumental music like “Explosions In The Sky" , "This Will Destroy You" , "Animals As Leaders" and more…the thing is it’s true that people like to sing words along the songs in general at a live show but during a Chimp Spanner show you can still see people singing!! Not words this time but Paul’s lead guitar and that’s a win as well :)

Jim: Absolutely not. Progressive music in all of it’s numerous forms definitely has a place in the realm of live music, as does instrumental music. Especially in Chimp Spanner where there is so much layering and background stuff happening that it would definitely fog Paul’s vision. Think of his lead guitar as vocal lines and you’re starting to get the right idea!

Swanny: I dont think we’re at a disadvantage by not having vocals, I mean Animals as Leaders are doing alright. Concerning the review, I think it was Tom Yorke that said ‘Opinions are like arseholes everyone has them and they all stink’ or something like that.

The band in action. Photo: Proghippie

8. You are back home now, what are the 3 main things you miss about home when you are on the road?

Paul: Ah that’s dead easy! Parents, cats, and a cup of tea in my own warm bed. I know that last one is kind of two. But it’s still allowed right?

Boris: I dunno, I don’t really miss anything but I can tell you 3 things I don’t miss when I’m at home: paying your bills, doing your washing and cleaning your house haha :) (thats basically what I had to do when I came back home)

Jim: A clean toilet with an almost limitless supply of TP, a powerful hot shower and not having to rely on eating out all the time! Forget trying to find food in a town centre when you finish a show at 9.30 on a Sunday night!

Swanny: My girlfriend, clean boxers, cooking food for myself.

9. The next Basick tour is ‘Safer Than Home' with Visions and Aliases. You guys were on tour with Aliases earlier in the year and it's well known the band are completely nuts, any advice for Visions? 

Paul: While I haven’t toured with Visions, somehow I imagine they’re capable of equal amounts of craziness. But yeah just be prepared to drink. A lot. And if anyone suggests play fighting with Leah or Pin, just don’t do it. It will end badly. Can’t believe I got my ass kicked by a girl.

Boris: YEAH!! Take care of Leah or you will have some sambucca going down your throat without you even notice it. And don’t ever ever play rugby with PIN, he was actually playing in the national rugby team, basically if you do you’re gonna be destroy haha.

Jim: The guys in Aliases are dead safe, no pun intended! We actually played a date in Peterborough with Visions on the TYBYWY tour with Aliases, and I think everyone got on well! There was that one night on Brighton Beach where everyone let their hair down, though..!

Swanny: If you think Aliases are nuts then you havent met Visions. Jokes…ummm take a taser!

10. You have a new release coming soon on Basick Records - can you share any top secret stuff with us?

Paul: Darker. Heavier. Denser. I think that’s about it…

Boris: EEuu wait if its top secret how can I share it, I’m confuse now lol :) noooo we are actually learning some new songs from the upcoming EP and I’m sure you guys are gonna love it as much as I do !!! STAY TUNED !!!

Jim: That’s not for me to say! But the good thing about the role I play within Chimp Spanner is I’m playing live guitar for one of my favourite songwriters, so I get to remain a fan AND get all the inside scoops on everything Paul’s doing! The new stuff that we’re all learning in preparation for a weekend of rehearsals in a few weeks time is a fair bit heavier than the songs on ATDE in their current form - I’m secretly hoping Paul ‘Chimps’ it up a bit more ;)

Swanny: It’s even cheesier, even heavier, even more hard to play and doesn’t have any vocals, fuck you prog haters!!!!!

The man, the legend, Paul Ortiz aka Chimp Spanner. Photo: Proghippie

11. Any last words for the people who came out to see you on tour?

Paul: Thanks so much to everyone who managed to make it to a show. Every hand shake and kind word really means a lot to us, so just keep an eye on the band page…we’ll be back!

Boris: A MASSIVE thank for those who came down to one of the shows or more and bought some merch from us as well. It actually really does help us doing tours and stuff !!!! Hope to see you all very soon !!!

Jim: Thanks to everyone who took the time to come and see us for a second time after TYBYWY - most of you said the show had been stepped up to the next level, so that was really awesome! Also thanks to everyone who bought T-Shirts, Posters and CDs and everyone else who had let us know they had a good time! Hope you come out and see us again next time!

Swanny: Thank you all so much for supporting this music, without you there wouldn’t be a scene and as long as people still keep coming out, we’ll still keep playing face melting metullz. 1OVE

More info: Chimp Spanner Shows

Interview: Sean McEmerson (Basick Records) interviewed by Tom Hollings (The Arusha Accord)

In part two of our series of TEAM BASICK interviews, Tom Hollings from The Arusha Accord catches up with Sean McEmerson, Basick Records chief colouring in expert and pasta shell pictures aficionado. When he’s not busy making the Basick website pretty with glitter and pom poms, he’s designing merch, building apps, coding up stuff and generally being a clever little shit. As well as being good at almost everything, Sean plays bass in Glasgow band, Winters.

If you missed the first interview in our series, where Perry from Circles chatted to James Monteith (Basick/Tesseract/Hold Tight! PR) - then check it out over here!

NAME: Sean McEmerson

WEAPON: Code Monkey for Basick Records, IT guru, photo bomber, drunken Scot.

Interviewed by: Tom from The Arusha Accord - check out their deluxe 2 disc digipack available from Basick Records for only £7.99

Tom: From what I gather, your role in Basick is to deal with the design / web element of everything that goes on (including our website). Would you care to give us a bit of a bigger picture of what you do for Basick on a day-to-day basis?

Sean: When I first joined the team it was solely to take care of the website and keep our other sites up to date (YouTube, Facebook etc.) but it’s moved on since then and branched out a little; designing merch, for example. At the moment my main project is completely redesigning and rewriting the website from the ground up. I’ve started referring to it as ‘The Death Star’ as it’s slowly becoming the hub of all our online activity. It will launch soon along with a slew of other new features across our sites. Busy - but exciting - times!

Tom: I know you are from Glasgow, which is one of our favourite places to play shows and have some very good friends such as Bleed From Within from that neck of the woods. How do you find the metal music scene up in Scotland as a whole?

Sean: I’ve been playing gigs in Glasgow since 2004 and have seen first hand the ups and downs of the scene (I actually played your last show in Glasgow at Capitol with my old band, ha!). Although there are good bands here there’s not much of a ‘successful’ metal scene, there seems to be a problem with bands being unable to move out of Glasgow and it’s been a while since we’ve produced a good quality metal band that can match the quality of bands from the rest of the UK. It’s great to see the success Bleed From Within are experiencing at the moment, they’ve worked really hard over the past few years and deserve it so it’s great to see it all work out for them. Three of the most promising metal bands right now are Dies the Fire and The Colour Pink is Gay and Sectioned, I’m really looking forward to seeing them push things forward.

Tom: Who is your favourite band on Basick?! Jokes, I know you can’t answer that. But who are some of your favourite bands?

Sean: Ooh! No Made Sense, The Arusha Accord, Fellsilent, Ion Dissonance and Chimp Spanner have put out some of my favourite albums of the last few years. It’s very exciting times for us with Circles, Aliases and Visions (amongst others) putting out great music recently too. The new Uneven Structure album is ridiculously good. The future is bright!

Tom : What made you want a job in the music industry and what drew you to Basick?

Sean: Basick is actually my second job and I do it all out of love for the music (on a scale of 1-10, how much did I sound like a dick there?). I’ve known Nathan for over 4 years now and started out by doing some work for him and the more work we done together the more I really got into what he was doing with Basick. It got to the point where I was doing so much he asked me to come on board and be a part of the team. We have a really strong team with ourselves, Lisa and James and recently we added Chad too. It’s incredibly rewarding to see your work help push things forward for music in the UK and the rest of the world.

Tom: You’re in a band called Winters. Can you tell us a bit more about the band, what it is you do and what the plan for the future is?

Grandfather by Winters

Sean: I am indeed! I play bass in the band with Niall, Ian, Iain and Curtis. We all have our own varied influences but the main ones are the likes of Cult of Luna, Converge and Botch as well as some great UK bands like Pariso, Bastions, Kerouac etc. I’ve been playing in bands for a long time now and there’s a few personal goals I’ve not achieved yet and fortunately the guys share these goals with me, we have only been together as a full band since March but we are well on our way to making these things happen.

Tom:  I understand Basick are about to sign Limp Bizkit, can you tell us any more before it hits the press?!


Tom: Finally, are you going to any festivals this year, and if so where and when and who are you looking forward to the most?

Sean: Yes, so I may or may not have got round to answering these questions a little late. Unfortunately I never made it to any festivals this year. I did go to one weekender which made me want to stab myself but I will be nice and not name it. Next year I plan to kick it off early and go to Neurotic Deathfest in March to catch the return of the mighty Behemoth!! !

Not content with a little interview - we decided that each of the team should complete a little survey about their team mate as well….

1 - Sum up Sean in 3 words:

Barley: Geeky, stabby, legend


Lisa: Clever little shit

James: Small, loud, incomprehensible

2 - What does Sean do at Basick:

Barley: Sean is head of IT (he loves this title). He also geeks out and stabs people

Chad: He’s the stylist to the stars! 

Lisa: He exists solely to annoy me. He’s also master of the impossible deadline.


-Abuse staff daily
-Regularly remind me of my email password which I forget a lot, even though it never changes
-trades guest list places for hard liquor

3 - If Sean were an animal, which one would he be:

Barley: Mongoose

Chad: Lemur

Lisa: Pussy cat, cute as a button, hairy, likes to sleep in folks laps!?

James: A lizard - small and striking with a sharp tongue

4 - Seans’ most attractive feature:

Barley: He always smells quite nice. I also like the fact that I can never understand a word he’s saying

Chad: His beard

Lisa: That smell - he always ALWAYS smells amazing. Next time you see him, sniff his neck. Amazing.

James: His short boons

5 - Seans’ most annoying habit: 

Barley: Not speaking the Queen’s English

Chad: Not coming to visit me here in the States…lol

Lisa: Calling his friends when drunk, thinking they are taxi companies.

James: Not being able to speak English

6 - Rate Seans’ taste in music….

Barley: He works at BASICK, so his taste in music is impeccable by default.

Chad: Great…he always gives bands the fighting chance….but is honest about it all!

Lisa: Aye it’s ok. He loves Behemoth, which makes him ok in my book.

James: 10 / 10- not only does he have by far the best taste in music out of all the Basick lot, he passionately dislikes terrible music, which is very entertaining.

7 – I like Sean because……

Barley: He’ll never say no to a jaegerbomb challenge

Chad: because he is the Sh-IT!

Lisa: He’s just a genuinely good wee cunt

James: He’d rather eat a battered mars bar over a salad

VISIONS release FREE download of brand new track

Rising stars in the UK tech scene VISIONS have released a FREE download of their brand new track - 'Attentive: Reverie' - available for fans worldwide from the BASICK website - http://basickrecords.com/free_visions_track

As the closing track on the bands debut album ‘Home’, you wont want to miss this incredible record when it hits stores on July 18th 2011 via Basick Records. Engineered by Browne and Neema from MONUMENTS and mixed by Paul Antonio Ortiz from CHIMP SPANNER, the debut ‘Home' delivers 10 breath-taking tracks of well considered, yet truly organic tech-metal. Pre-orders are available NOW from Basick Records.

With their unique take on a genre that is often plagued with copycat bands and unoriginal ideas, VISIONS have rapidly risen through the ranks since their inception back in 2009 supporting bands including Emmure, iwrestledabearonce, A Textbook Tragedy, Sylosis, The Arusha Accord and Exit Ten. Following the release of their album in July the band will tour the UK and Europe later this year. Also, keep your eyes stuck to the net in the coming days for the exclusive first play of ‘Desinent’, the bands brand new video!

To get a promo copy to review or for airplay/interview - contact Lisa @ Hold Tight! PR