2010 through the eyes of the metal press

Some amazing people help to support and spread the good word of Basick, here a few of them tell us their highlights of 2010.

Jerry Ewing - Proggy Editor, Bombay Bad Boy, TesseracT Fiend. 

2010 was epic because.. It was a great year for the mag, for prog in general and we started High Voltage Festival.
Record I listened to most in 2010 was… Anathema's We're here because we're here.

Best gig of 2010 was…Transatlantic and Opeth at High Voltage, Steve Hackett at Shepherd’s Bush and AC/DC at Download.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was…  Grated Mature Australian Cheddar Cheese in a Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle.
Biggest let down of 2010 was… Failing to get over to New Zealand to see my daughter. And the ongoing circus saga of Mike Portnoy.

Funniest thing of 2010 was…. This joke. FHM Magazine asked the Pope what grooming products he used. “I find Jelly Tots and Kinder Eggs normally do the trick” he replied. Followed by England at the World Cup.

If you could change places with someone for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? Winona Ryder’s Bath Towels!
In 2011 I will mostly be….Championing TesseracT. And continuing my never ending love affair with my sofa and BBC Television’s Doctors! 

Basick Records is…. a musical box. But different to the Genesis one!

Dom Lawson -  Grumpy Wordsmith, Oafling, Good Egg.

2010 was epic because…my fantastic band finally clicked into second gear, released an album and played a few shows. For that reason alone, this has been a great year. Last year fucking sucked. My dad died and it was generally awful, so 2010 has been a great improvement. A brilliant year for music, for a start, but great for me personally too in several respects. I bagged my first job as a proper magazine editor – the Motörhead thing that’s out at the moment, in case I haven’t mentioned it enough times on Twitter! – and a few other splendid opportunities have reared their delightful heads too, so it’s been a good one for a change! I met Van Der Graaf Generator last week, for fuck’s sake!! Even a moaning old cunt like me has to raise a glass and salute the good times occasionally.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was…almost certainly Ihsahn’s latest album, After. My favourite album of the year by some distance, even outstripping Maiden’s brilliant effort and that astonishing Triptykon record. After was released in late January, I think, so I’ve been listening to it all year and I’m still a long, long way from being bored with it. It’s a masterpiece. I like masterpieces. Outside of metal, the record I’ve listened to most this year was Willie Nelson’s Country Music. Either that or Kill Devil Hills by Ill Bill & DJ Muggs.

Best gig of 2010 was...either Opeth’s triumphant show at the Royal Albert Hall or Autopsy at Hole In The Sky in Bergen, Norway. The Opeth show was particularly satisfying because I’ve been a fan from the beginning and I’ve watched them grow from obscure origins to virtual mainstream status. Not only that, but I’ve got to know them over the years too, and it’s always nice to see friends do well. Autopsy was a different thing…I never saw them first time round, so it was exciting enough anyway, but they were so fucking good, it really took me by surprise. When you’re in the moshpit with Nocturno Culto and Grutle from Enslaved, and they’re both grinning like over-excited teenagers, you know it’s a good show. As an added bonus, Autopsy had Dan Lilker playing bass for them. Priceless! From an Oaf perspective, our best gig was the recent one in Brighton supporting Furyon and Imicus. That was awesome.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was…tequila. What a fantastic drink it is. You can stick your Jack Daniel’s up your arse. Literally, if you wish.

Biggest let down of 2010 was…I’m not sure if this counts as a letdown, but losing Ronnie James Dio and Paul Gray was horrible. Both had a vast amount left to give and the world of heavy music is much poorer for their absence. Given how many mediocre chancers and fame-hungry shitballs form bands and torture us with their piss-poor attempts at music these days, it’s hard to rationalise the loss of great talents like that. Losing Captain Beefheart was shit, too. Another genius gone before his time.

Funniest thing of 2010 was…watching my friend James doing the Charleston to Whitesnake’s Still Of The Night at Rock City in Nottingham. Don’t ask.

If you could change places with someone for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do?

I’d swap places with a Radio 1 DJ…I don’t think it matters which one…and I’d terrorise (and/or delight) the nation with some proper music…not just metal, but a dazzling smorgasbord of different genres. I’ve always wanted to have my own radio show, and if I wasn’t so fucking lazy I might have attempted to pursue that kind of career. Too late now, obviously, but I still quite fancy hijacking the airwaves and forcing people to listen to Morbid Angel, Scott Walker, Merzbow and Immortal Technique.

In 2011 I will mostly be…juggling my dual careers as music journalist and devoted/hapless parent, while working on the second Oaf album (most of which is written already…and it’s fucking horrible), playing more Oaf gigs (including Hammerfest and Twitrfest!) and getting stuck into another musical project that I can’t talk about yet! I plan to listen to another few hundred new albums and spend as much time as possible supporting and promoting great new music and exciting new UK bands like Monuments and Ageless Oblivion. I will attempt to consume more tequila than anyone else in the UK. And, with any luck, I’ll get to see Manowar for the first time. HEAR MY SWORD SING AS I RIDE ACROSS THE SKY! SWORN BY THE SACRED BLOOD OF ODIN, ONWARD RIDE!

Maz Star - Corrosion TV Goddess, Total Rock DJ, Sexy Wench

2010 was epic because... I put on some great bands, met some lovely people, went to some awesome shows, and got to travel and work in some amazing places – a definite highlight and eye opener being the Cannes Film Festival.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was… “Sections” EP by The Safety Fire. Seeing as they already know, I might as well tell you that it’s in my Top 25 Most Played thing on my iPod. I’m a huge fan and supporter of these boys, and am massively excited for what awaits them in 2011.

Best gig of 2010 was… ARGH! There are so many to choose from, so I’m going to give you a top three.
1: Deftones at the very intimate ULU back in May.
2: The Dillinger Escape Plan at the even more intimate Barfly back in February.
3: BTBAM at The Underworld in June.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was… All the amazing unsigned bands out there who work their nuts off to make amazing music. Check out Astrohenge, Aghast!, and of course, The Safety Fire.

Funniest thing of 2010 was…. All the festivals we went to this summer. Hellfest, as always, was tip top. I especially enjoyed our 15 strong crew singing ALL the words to EVERY Fear Factory song louder than the band themselves. I don’t think the French liked us much that weekend.

Biggest let down of 2010 was… The increasing apathy of music “fans”; if you love music so much, get out there, go to shows, and BUY the music.

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do?
I think it would have to be Leo from No Made Sense. He seems to lead a vaguely interesting hate-filled life. It would also mean that I get to hear the new album, which I’m very excited about.

In 2011 I will mostly be….I’m going to be seeing in the New Year completely off my face in Mexico, so that’s a good start. 2011 will hopefully consist of a lot of touring with the Fuel Girls, lots of good music, and happy times.

Basick Records is….Hopefully going to carry on signing quality bands and sticking to their guns. YEAH! GO TEAM BASICK!

Merlin Alderslade - Terrorizer Writer, Handsome Wizard, Superhero

2010 was epic because…I met some fantastic people, saw many an amazing gig and started work here at Terrorizer! A life-changing twelve months for me.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was…Again, an immense year in terms of albums. Rock-wise, Ihsahn, Anathema, Iron Maiden, Kvelertak, Tesseract and Enslaved have all been on constant spin to name but a few, while I’ve also been loving cuts from Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Marina And The Diamonds, Janelle Monae and the new Kanye. Shit-hot music all over the shop, whatever you’re into.

Best gig of 2010 was…Maiden and Kvelertak at Sonisphere in entirely different ways, Muse at Glastonbury for pure epic madness, Tesseract with and without a singer, Dillinger at Damnation, Big Boi at the Forum in December and, most recently, Lady Gaga at the o2. I love that girl.

Most underrated thing of 2010 was…Grand Magus for not making it into our top 40 albums list. I mean it’s Grand Magus. Plus, High Voltage was criminally undersold for such an amazing festival billing. ZZ Top, Down, Clutch, Black Label Society, Cathedral and Foreigner? Who wouldn’t want that?!

Funniest thing of 2010 was….Manchester City not getting into the Champions League. HA HA HA HA HA.

Biggest let down of 2010 was…Never getting to meet my hero Ronnie James Dio before he passed away. RIP.

If you could change places with someone for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do?

Superman, so I could go and knock the crap out of some baddies, lay Wonder Woman and throw a banging party for all my superhero homies. Batman can DJ. Robin isn’t invited.

In 2011 I will mostly be….Working my ass off to help make Terrorizer bigger and better than ever, going to as many gigs and festivals as is humanely possible and getting a nerdgasm over all the ‘Avengers’ movies. It’s gonna be tight.

Basick Records is….The future of metal. No Made Sense, Aliases and Monuments are going to make next year fucking massive. I can’t wait!

Sean Reid - Alter the Press, Wordy Smith.

2010 was epic because… AlterThePress.com had an awesome year, especially with the numerous Acoustic video sessions and free compilations we did. Oh and my football team, Nottingham Forest reached the play-offs.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was ‘Real Talk by Man Overboard.

Best gig of 2010 was… the Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds. Fun times!

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was… Basick Records, several UK Labels; Walnut Tree, Alcopop, Idle Hands and several others - they’re all awesome and deserve more recognition. Oh and Alter The Press! - I really believe we did some great stuff this year that deserves to be recognised :)

Funniest thing of 2010 was… 'Get Him to the Greek' (Diddy had some great one-liners), The Office Christmas special or the recent Paramore drama.

Biggest let down of 2010 was… the World Cup and numerous highly anticpated albums.

In 2011 I will mostly be…. making the year better than the last. It’ll be a tough one though.

Basick Records is… an awesome label run by some rad people!

Raziq Rauf - he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy, editor of Thrash Hits

2010 was epic because… Nothing went wrong. You can not underestimate the brilliant feeling of nothing going wrong. Well, ThrashHits.com got hacked and totally decimated last Christmas but it’s been all uphill since then.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was… tie between Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis and Chambers - Old Love

Best gig of 2010 was… Lady Gaga last week with the editor of Terrorizer and the web editor from Metal Hammer. Go figure.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was… ThrashHits.com!

Funniest thing of 2010 was… probably not Frankie Boyle… definitely not Frankie Boyle.

Biggest let down of 2010 was… Frankie Boyle.

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? Barley and I would show him that even though he thinks he knows how to pull silly faces, he can not. Not compared to my skills.

In 2011 I will mostly be… Figuring out how not to ruin any more lives.

Basick Records is… an ironic name because they only sign bands with fiddly guitars. I like ironing.