No Consequence give away FREE track from new album!

No Consequence have today released a FREE copy of their new track ALL THAT’S LEFT (DEMO) from their forthcoming album. Grab a copy of the new tune » here «

No Consequence line up 2011

Simultaneously progressive, brutal and catchy, NO CONSEQUENCE are technically impressive without geek exclusivity and their genre crossing talent produces music that is as challenging to pigeonhole as it is to safely absorb.

Their debut album was released on Basick Records in 2009 entitled "In The Shadow Of Gods" to a receptive audience…

"Meshing big melodies with sizable savagery, impressive technicality, and an experimental sensibility that’s a joy to indulge." - ROCK SOUND

"This really is a blistering debut album, fast and ferocious but the one thing that you always feel when listening is that the guys are always completely in control. Every track and structure is measured and purposeful… taking technical to its full potential." - Thrash Hits

"This is simply a flawless debut album bursting with enthusiasm and invention and will sate the appetite of even the most hardened metal fan." - Sonic Abuse

Pick up a copy of their debut today for only £4.99 here or grab a digital copy at bandcamp to flesh out your back catalogue and await the new NO CONSEQUENCE album with heightened anticipation.