Our bands discuss their favourite Basick releases of the year.


This year our label had some awesome releases including: 

Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here EP (Listen Free)
7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes of Absolution album (Listen Free)
Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise album (Listen Free)
Glass Cloud - The Royal Thousand album
The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code album (Listen Free)
Dissipate - Tectonics EP (Listen Free)
Circles - Another Me single (Listen / Download Free) - just enter 0 in the price you pay.

Barley, Basick boss added Skyharbor to his end of year list. Read here

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Sean, Basick IT geek added Chimp Spanner and 7 Horns 7 Eyes to his end of year list. Read here

James, Basick publicist added The Algorithm and Glass Cloud to his end of year list. Read Here

Chad, Basick A&R added 7 Horns 7 Eyes to his end of year list. Read here

We asked some of the bands what their favourite release was, here’s what they said. 


Kaan, vocals - No Consequence

My choice would be have to be Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here. It’s all about Cloud City and Mobius!! The ultimate sci-fi sound track. But I have to say the Glass Cloud record is a close second. The melodic sections pick you up and kiss your lady bits, then you get torn a new one by the heavy sections. Just what you want from a album!! 


Keshav, guitar/evil genius - Skyharbor

Chimp Spanner, All Roads Lead Here. I love this EP to death because Paul Ortiz can just do no wrong. He creates music which simply hits me smack in the gut every time. Ever since I heard his first release Imperium Vorago - aeons ago when he would sell copies himself on his website - I’ve been stunned by the intricacy of his compositions and the amount of emotion he crams into each note. One of the things I’m attracted to the most in music - which is something I strive very hard for with my own - is the imagery it evokes. When I put on my speakers I love to see the music rise to the surface and dance like ghosts between the speakers. Paul’s tunes do just that every time, and with each new release he seems to be delving even deeper into that ‘visual’ aspect of his music, which I simply love. Only criticism is that I wish it were longer!


Ted Furuhashi, guitar - Circles

Def NOT Circles. Bahaha! Too many great releases!!! Glass Cloud would be up there with Chimp and Algorithm, fuck. I loved Skyharbor too. Going on plays, I’d say Glass Cloud. They make me want to build a Lego city and then crush it Godzilla style. Yep, that’s how I measure good albums. Lego and Godzilla. Hanging for Alaya, Aliases, No Consequence and all the other releases next year. Gonna be a HUGE year me thinks :)


Chad, vocals/pecs - A Dark Orbit 

7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes of Absolution. I can never get enough of this album. I constantly listen to it. It has the most perfect mix of all types of metal and it has such a HUGE sound. This album has some of the most vicious sounding vocals mixed with some of the most beautiful leads. This is a must!


Aaron, guitars/mad professor - 7 Horns 7 Eyes

Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here EP. I really came to fully appreciate the music of Paul Ortiz after touring with him this summer on The Contortionist’s “Intrinsic” tour. Prior to that, I think I just simply hadn’t heard enough material to really feel strongly one way or another, and it’s getting increasingly hard for me to be motivated to listen to anything new these days that has the word “djent” as a descriptor, haha. Anyway, Paul sets the bar incredibly high with this release, not only for bands aspiring to noodle around with djenty rhythms, but also technical riffing, jazzy soloing, emotive ambiance, and just smart chord choices and songwriting in general. No one else combines the influences that Paul does so seamlessly, and it doesn’t come off as pretentious or self-gratuitous either. Hard to pick standout tracks since they’re all really good. I’ve got a soft spot for songs I heard night after night on tour, like “Mӧbius Pt I”, and also “Engrams”, which is both haunting and beautiful, and was a perfectly placed interlude in the live setting!


Paul Green, vocals - The Arusha Accord

For me Skyharbor is blates the best of the year! It’s utterly beautiful, I think I told the guys that several billion times after I heard it. It just has so much to offer from the heavy to light spectrum & the atmospherics too good. I feel that the djent sound is fairly stagnated by so many bands but Skyharbor, who I stupidly initially thought would just be another band of said Djentness are instead like a variety box of all your favourite cereals. There is no rubbish bland filler cereal in the mix. It’s all rad sugar coated, E numbered awesomeness!


Evan Dunn, vocals - Alaya

I think I have to go with The Algorithm. I’ve caught myself playing it the most and duh! 2013 is where it’s at!!


Igor Omodei, guitar/creator of middle earth - Uneven Structure

The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code because it’s super fresh and very nice to see a solo artist put something this big out. 

Introducing our new signing: ALAYA


Band name:  ALAYA

Location:  Chicago, USA

Genre: Metal

Links:  www.facebook.com/alayaofficial


Tell us a bit about your band – how long have you been going, why you do what you do, what you want to achieve.  

We had been self producing a debut full length for 18 months when BASICK told us they were interested in releasing it.  In talking with them it became clear that they were the right label for us, and that the timing was perfect.  We’re very excited to announce and see what the future holds.  You can expect us to not slow down once the momentum picks up, because writing and performing are what we love.


You have a new release coming out soon – without giving too much away tell us what listeners can expect from it. 

It has thirteen tracks that are strategically placed in order.  The first three tracks are high energy, followed by three tracks that change the pace significantly.  After that the album wakes up again and the tension and energy build toward the final two tracks.  We felt the end of the album should give the listener a sense of closure.  



Plans for the next 12 months

We are going to be writing for our next releases immediately while planning our strategy for the release of THRONES in 2013.  After that we would love to play shows and tour in support of it.  Until then we will be playing shows around Chicago.


Tell us a bit about what it’s like to experience your live show.

We definitely rehearse a lot for our live shows, because it’s hard to engage the crowd if you have to concentrate too hard on playing your parts correctly.  We enjoy putting on an energetic show, so you can expect sweat flying around and head banging during key moments.  We often run samples between songs to give the show an consistent vibe and flow.

How does the band prepare for a gig?

We rehearse morning and night, and often run multiple sets in a row.  As a group we focus on creating the energy of a live environment in our practice space. 


Name 3 bands you would love to tour with and why

1.     Destrage – they are a great band and their shows are insane.

2.     Muse - one of our biggest influences for melody.

3.     Between the Buried and Me – they’re just awesome. 

Name a band you’d love to give a shout out to and think people should listen to (not your own band)

 Destrage from Italy.  Whoa these guys are good.


How much has the internet and technology helped your band to get to the point it is today. 

The internet is our main access point to the public besides live shows.  It offers our music to someone instantly, and allows our team at BASICK to connect us to thousands.  Shows are the best way for an individual to connect with us, but until we come to your town you can grab our album and merch online.

What’s in your cd player right now?

Yanni : Live at the Acropolis!!


Ok you have a few lines to tell us why people should listen to your band. GO. 

These songs were written over and over until we were happy with the finished product.  We put having fun and loving what we do first, but we also take the listener carefully into consideration when writing.  The album is meant to offer a new interpretation of the heavy and melodic music that has influenced us for years.

Head over to  www.facebook/alayaofficial to check out the band further. Debut album, Thrones, will be released by Basick Records in 2013. 



Hey guys – what have you been up to for the last few months?

The last few months, ADO has been in a rebuilding phase and working really hard with our 2 new members John and Jason. We have been putting the finishing touches to the mixing of our album, “Parhelion”,  and writing tons of new stuff to get our new chemistry down. This new stuff is insane! 

How has 2012 been for you? Highlights? Any particular low points?

2012 has been very eventful for us as much as it has been slow. Low points are the loss of founding members and the constant prolonging of our next release because of other issues as well. The highlights are the gaining of 2 of the strongest and most musical members we have ever had which has made us tighter than we have ever been as a group and literally we are writing our most brutal and beautiful stuff ever. I can’t wait for people to hear were we are taking our sound. Another highlight was opening for Between The Buried and Me / Periphery and opening for that near sold out crowd.

We’re on the final run up to Christmas and the end of the year – what are you busy cramming into the final few weeks?

The final mix/master/release of “Parhelion”!

What releases from 2012 have you been particularly impressed with? 

Personally I have been all over the new releases from Arctic Sleep (Arbors), Devil Sold His Soul (Empire of Light), Deftones (Koi No Yokan), and Meshuggah (Koloss).

What do the band want from Santa for Christmas?

A perfect 2013 for ADO!….and to open for Meshuggah!!!

2013 - what can we expect from A Dark Orbit?

You can expect the best year from ADO! We are releasing the new record (finally), working on all new music and hopefully another new release by the end of 2013. We also are planning many weekend shows outside of St. Louis and we plan to make it back to the UK in the Summer! We hope people get tired of hearing about us! 

Final message for fans?

Please don’t forget about us or give up on us. Many things are out of our control….but trust us…we are coming! FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Catch up with A Dark Orbit’s 2009 EP - Voyager for FREE on our bandcamp



Hey guys – what have you been up to for the last few months?

We’ve been mainly doing two things: driving all over Europe with a 20 years old van with no hiccups and we started recording an EP!

How has 2012 been for you? Highlights? Any particular low points?

It’s been generally great. Lots of contenders for the main highlight, playing in Moscow with Chimp Spanner was quite an amazing experience, the Protest The Hero tour helped us do enough shows in a row to miss the stage every moment we’re not on it, both Progpower and Euroblast fest were great aswell!

As for low points, I guess Benoit, Matthieu and Jean wrecking their car on black ice after an 8h trip back from the Basick Showcase wasn’t exactly a fantastic experience, especially for them.

We’re on the final run up to Christmas and the end of the year – what are you busy cramming into the final few weeks?

We’re only a month away from 2013 but we still have a load of things that needs to be done till the year ends. First there’s this EP I was talking about earlier, which NEEDS to be done before the year ends, then we’ve got this awesome German/Czech/Austrian tour with War From A Harlots Mouth and Bitterness Exhumed and the tiny bits of free time left will be spent on editing our new music video.

What releases from 2012 have you been particularly impressed with? (doesn’t have to be metal)

With no particular order, Chimp Spanner’s All Roads Lead Here, The Algorithm’s Polymorphic Code, Danza IV, Soundgarden’s King Animal, Neurosis’ Honor Found In Decay, Converge’s All We Love We Leave Behind, Twelve Foot Ninja’s Silent Machine and A.I.(d)’s Solar Feelings. A pretty good year!

What do the band want from Santa for Christmas?

He could bring Burger King back in France so we don’t have to forcefeed ourselves every time we see one on tour and miss local food! But will he?

2013 - what can we expect from Uneven Structure?

Equally as many shows, possibly over new grounds (please). An EP, one or more one-off songs and maybe (maybe!) hints towards a new album.

Final message for fans?

We’re going to battle through the awesome weather that Germany has to offer in December to play shows so please come over. We’ll make it worth your time, we promise!

Catch Uneven Structure on tour throughout December on the following dates:

29.11 Hamburg (DE) - Hafenklang
30.11 Münster (DE) - Sputnikcafe
01.12 Bautzen (DE) - Steinhaus
02.12 Tabor (CZ) - Orion http://on.fb.me/RA9rlk
04.12 Praha (CZ) - Modra Vopice http://on.fb.me/SYXOpf
06.12 Rüsselsheim (DE) - Rind Club
07.12 Salzburg (AT) - Rockhouse Bar
08.12 Stuttgart (DE) - Juha West



Hey guys – what have you been up to for the last few months?
Hi, we are hard at work on the new album, it’s coming along great and the writing process should complete pretty shortly. Since UKTF obviously Jay left to pursue a work opportunity he couldn’t refuse or work around to commit fully to the band. Leigh Dale joined the band as the new singer bringing a new character to the band and an amazing voice. For anyone that missed it you can meet him here. 

We have also been in the studio recording a new track which we aim to bring out before the album as we feel you have waited long enough to here something new. Writing / studio diaries are also in progress so we can give everyone more of an idea how we work. We also have some play through videos for tracks from Safer Than Reality to put down as there has been plenty of demand for these. Frankly there is loads going on! 

Pin is also doing a lot of teaching at the moment, he can be contacted for lessons by email pinaliases@gmail.com or just message him on facebook. He is covering all levels of guitar from new players to advanced and lessons are just £20 per hour. Check his teaching page - http://www.facebook.com/pinlessons

How is your new vocalist, Leigh, working out?
Leigh is awesome, he brings a versatile style to the mix and has plenty to say. The guy is seriously hard working so the switch hasn’t slowed progress on the album at all and we are loving the parts he is creating. 

How many times has he been fired/fired you all?
You know what, we haven’t had to fire him at all, and the new guy doesn’t have firing rights till he at least has a CD out. If it makes you happy we will send him down to Basick HQ to fire you all?

We’re on the final run up to Christmas and the end of the year – what are you busy cramming into the final few weeks?
All the aforementioned really, but we will also hope to get some new merch designs out, everyone needs an Aliases tee for Christmas or any other time really. Keep an eye out for their release! 

Final message for fans?

We cant wait to get the new music out to you all and then go tour the hell out of it, its going to be a hectic journey! See you in 2013. 

Check out this interview with Leah and Pin - http://thebitemagazine.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/aliases-interview-tech-fest-2012/


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TO CELEBRATE - we’ve joined with Hysteria Magazine to bring you an exclusive first look at what Circles have been up to in the studio. The guys are currently busy writing and recording their debut album, to be released early next year and Hysteria Mag will be following them throughout the process, bringing you news and footage along the way. Head here to see the first part of Circles Studio Diary

Visit CIRCLES on Facebook. 


A Public Apology from Basick Records

We’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to our friends and fans worldwide who have experienced longer shipping times than normal from our Basick store. By way of apology we asked Chad Basick to take a picture for all his legion of gay4chad fans, to express our sincere dismay about this situation (look how handsome and strong that chin is!) 

A few things happened recently leading to a ‘perfect storm’ scenario which led to our merch taking longer than normal to arrive. The dog ate it. (not buying it?!) - ok…we were attacked by aliens… (if we say it with a straight face..does it count?!). 

Nah, what happened was, we moved our merch to a new facility, leading to a handover taking place. At the same time we put on a 25% sale for record store day, and grossly underestimated the popularity of that sale - we sold as much in 24hrs as we normally do in a month. And then we ran out of coffee. Anyone in the merch packing business knows coffee is an essential part of the process. 

So - we are back on track, we are working day and night to get those orders out to you and we also whole heartedly apologise if you mailed our orders@basickrecords.com and didn’t hear back. Our guy was so busy printing, pressing, packing, folding and trying to ignore his coffee cravings that he also didn’t manage to respond to your emails in a timely manner. 

We are still a fledgling label, we appreciate every single order and it breaks our heart to think of some of you having a hard time with this. So please accept this pic of Chad (our A&R guy, it’s his fault we have all these amazing bands) from us by way of apology. As we grow, we face these problems and have made a promise that we won’t ever bullshit you about what’s up. (Seriously, it was the dog!) 

If you are still waiting on merch, it should arrive soon. If you have any problems - email us orders@basickrecords.com and we’ll do our best to get back to you asap. Include details of your transaction, paypal receipt etc and it will speed up the process.  

If you really need to get us, shout at us, or send us a virtual hug you can message us on Facebook and we’ll get back to you, or Lisa Basick will, she’s always lurking round those parts chatting to people about cat videos. 

We love you guys, cheers for sticking with us and supporting our bands. 

Team Basick x


The 'Safer Than Home' tour kicked off tonight in Brighton. As tech metal masters Aliases take to the stage, we ask them for some words of advice for label mates Visions. So what happened when the bad boys of Basick (Aliases) take the youngest band on our roster (Visions) out on the road! A recipe for disaster….or the stuff of legend! Read on to find out more…

Download a free Aliases track HERE and then go HERE to pick up a free Visions track.

NAME: Darren Pugh


BAND: Aliases

Photo credit: Robert Walker Photography

1. You’re going out on tour with Visions soon - are you looking forward to hanging out with your label mates?

We are going out on tour very soon this is true, and yes we are looking forward to getting fucked up with the lads from Visions!

2. What advice would you give to Visions for surviving a tour with Aliases?

Don’t fall asleep anywhere near Leah Woodward, stay away from Leah Woodward if you are under the influence alcohol, and if you see Leah Woodward under the influence of alcohol make sure you have a weapon to hand!

Leah Woodward - Aliases

3. Have any of you listened to the Visions album? Fave track?

Hhmmmmm that’s a tough one, I’ll tell you after the tour!

4. Darren, you are now in Visions, what’s the first thing you change?

I would make each member shave their heads and start beating up fans on tour!

5. Describe Visions to someone who has never heard them.

I don’t really know how to describe Visions if I’m honest, it’s extremely aggressive and everytime I listen to them I usually want to kill either myself or someone else.

Visions - ‘extremely aggressive’ corn field posing…

6. You are playing in Brighton, Sheffield, Milton Keynes, Leicester and Wrexham - rather exotic choices. Have you played these towns before? Which one usually goes off the most? Have you had any ‘interesting’ experiences in any of them.

Brighton was quite interesting last time we played, I’m not sure whether it was the amount of booze we drank that made it interesting though, the most interesting thing that I personally saw was Joe Heaton absolutely smashed out of his realm on sambucca feeling a homeless womans tits whilst people were taking photographs of him.

7. Will you be trying out any new songs on this tour?

Yeah we will be playing two new songs on this tour along with all the songs from Safer Than Reality, I’m not sure how people will take to the new songs, one of them is the most melodic song we have written so far and the other one were hoping will just cave peoples heads in from start to finish.

8. You are out again on a full UK tour in November with Textures - and you are coming to my neck of the woods - Scotland. We gonna get messy?

Yeah we’ll get messy if you like, I’ll get pissed and glass you or summat, that way you’ve got a story to tell the your grandkids! Ha.

9. Final words - Jake Monson. Discuss.

I hate the prick, if he posts one more stupid comment on Facebook I’ll fucking chin him, seems like a lovely bloke though, I’ll have more to say on this matter after the tour!

Jake Monson - Visions

SAFER THAN HOME TOUR is this week. Check out where to see Aliases and Visions as they rip the heart out of England. To pick up a copy of Aliases - Safer Than Reality or Visions - Home visit Basick Records store or check all good online music retailers.

VISIONS release FREE download of brand new track

Rising stars in the UK tech scene VISIONS have released a FREE download of their brand new track - 'Attentive: Reverie' - available for fans worldwide from the BASICK website - http://basickrecords.com/free_visions_track

As the closing track on the bands debut album ‘Home’, you wont want to miss this incredible record when it hits stores on July 18th 2011 via Basick Records. Engineered by Browne and Neema from MONUMENTS and mixed by Paul Antonio Ortiz from CHIMP SPANNER, the debut ‘Home' delivers 10 breath-taking tracks of well considered, yet truly organic tech-metal. Pre-orders are available NOW from Basick Records.

With their unique take on a genre that is often plagued with copycat bands and unoriginal ideas, VISIONS have rapidly risen through the ranks since their inception back in 2009 supporting bands including Emmure, iwrestledabearonce, A Textbook Tragedy, Sylosis, The Arusha Accord and Exit Ten. Following the release of their album in July the band will tour the UK and Europe later this year. Also, keep your eyes stuck to the net in the coming days for the exclusive first play of ‘Desinent’, the bands brand new video!

To get a promo copy to review or for airplay/interview - contact Lisa @ Hold Tight! PR