Everyone suitably excited for @sikthofficial, @miserysignalsofficial, @the_algorithm, @chimpspanner & @bearpropaganda at this year’s @euroblastfest, yes?

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Everyone suitably excited for @sikthofficial, @miserysignalsofficial, @the_algorithm, @chimpspanner & @bearpropaganda at this year’s @euroblastfest, yes?

#euroblast #festival #basickrecords #aal #tesseract #hoac #vildhjarta #leprous #thesafetyfire #agentfesco #hypnose #felixmartin #circleofcontempt #mikedawes

JAMES BASICK - Top Albums of 2012 and more….


James is one of our PR team, making sure our bands get in front of the press, onto the radio and TV and are media ready.  He can usually be found face down in a puddle of his own making at a festival, at the bar chatting to the press corps, running his own PR company - Hold Tight! PR,  or on stage playing guitar in his band TesseracT (Century Media).  Here are his top picks for 2012 and a little bit about his year. 

James Basick - http://www.facebook.com/james.monteith79

Location - London, UK

Team Basick - Publicist, beard cultivator, vomit gymnast. 

1. The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code
Producers have been splicing metal into electronica for years, but for me The Algorithm is the first to truely marry the styles into one cohesive sound. Bonkers, brutal and simply awesome.

2. The Elijah  - I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created
The atmosphere and power this band create from very simple progressions is phenomenal, and the use of strings and synth layers really make it stand out as the best post rock release in a long time.

3. Knuckledust - Bluffs Lies & Alibis
UK Hardcore at its absolute best. Full of aggression, attitude and bad ass riffing… and one thing missing from a lot of modern hardcore… huge grooves.

4. Sylosis - Monolith
Killer blasts, riffs and some of the best metal guitar playing you can hear. Heavy fucking metal.

5. Meshuggah - Koloss
A stunning debut from this female fronted bunch of young pop punk upstarts… sound about right? 

6. Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence
This band are truly at the top of their game, and have really found a sound that’s true to them on this record. Stunning arrangements, guitar work, and there’s even a spoken word passage performed by Amos of TesseracT. 

7. Devil Sold His Soul - Empire of Light
Sounds like a Devil record, which is not a bad thing at all. In fact it’s a very good thing as I’m a DSHS fan, and they delivered exactly what I wanted and expected, Ronseal style.

8. Glass Cloud - The Royal Thousand
Josh Travis is one my my fave modern metal guitarists, one of the few people out there who has a really distinctive rhythm playing style and is hugely inventive. Mix that with accessible arrangements and massive vocals, and you get this stunning release.

9. Anathema - Weather Systems
This band always send chills up my spine and this record is no exception. Simply beautiful.

10. Veil Of Maya - Eclipse
Top rate tech metal with killer songs. They have really found the balance of technical excellence and memorable songwriting on this release, and after a few listens you’re guaranteed to have a whole bunch of hooks engrained on your subconscious.

What’s been your personal highlight/ of 2012?

Sitting next to Steve Hackett at the Prog Music awards and discussing music with some of the finest rock musicians in the world

What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Moving house. at some point I really didn’t think I’d make it through that period alive

What do you wish you’d done more of? 

Played more guitar

What do you wish you’d done less of?

Saying stupid drunk stuff to music industry people, that could potentially ruin my career.

Best Basick Records ‘thing’ of 2012?

Barley’s porn star tash.

Best film of 2012?

Skyfall. That’s not because it’s great, in fact it was pretty damn average, but as far as I know, it’s the only new film I watched this year. 

TV show you watched the most in 2012?

Breaking Bad

What was your greatest musical discovery or rediscovery?

Knuckledust. UK hardcore done proper like innit.

Best gig or festival of 2012?

Download - I don’t really remember it, but I had a great time.

Biggest WTF moment of 2012?

How will you be spending Christmas?

Eating, drinking and keeping well away from emails!

Finally, a band wants to get signed to Basick in 2012, what’s your advice for them?

Be original. Basick is about forward thinking / new music, and that’s what we’re looking for.


Out today on Basick Records:


Blinding White Noise: Illusion and Chaos

7 Horns 7 Eyes

Throes of Absolution

Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise: Illusion and Chaos

DISC ONE (Running Time: 34m 20s)
1) Illusion: Dots
2) Illusion: Order 66 
3) Illusion: Catharsis
4) Illusion: Night
5) Illusion: Aurora
6) Illusion: Celestial
7) Illusion: Maeva

DISC TWO (Running Time: 13m 38s)
8) Chaos: Trayus
9) Chaos: Aphasia
10) Chaos: Insurrection

SKYHARBOR’s breathtaking double disc, debut album, ‘Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos’, is released today and promises to be a landmark release for the Indian independent music scene, in no small part thanks to the incredible number of international guest appearances it will see, including the likes of Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth), Daniel Tompkins (ex TesseracT), Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony) and Sunneith Revankar (Bhayanak Maut).

Spanning 2 discs the album reveals very different aspects of the band and is a mix of effortlessly mature, ambient soundscapes that intertwine playfully alongside densely layered guitar work, complex structures and experimental metal.

Reviews & Features

Skyharbor’s Keshav Dhar discusses "Five albums that changed my life"

Read the interview at Noisecreep →

“Timeless in every sense” 9/10 Metal India Magazine

48-minutes of good, solid songwriting and heavy metal” 8/10 Heavy Blog is Heavy

"The dynamics of the songs keep the balance between technical and listenable perfectly" 9/10 Got Djent

Watch the video for ‘Catharsis’ on YouTube! →

7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes of Absolution

1) Divine Amnesty
2) Phumis: The Falsehood of Affliction
3) The Hill Difficulty
4) Cycle Of Self
5) Delusions
6) A Finite Grasp of Infinite Disillusion
7) Vindicator
8) The Winnowing
9) Regeneration

Progressive atmospheric death metallers 7 HORNS 7 EYES release their debut full-length album, Throes Of Absolution, across Europe today. Featuring a guest appearance by Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore), the album has been produced and mixed by 7H7E’s guitarist, Aaron Smith at his own Envisage Audio studio. Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth) mastered the outing; guitars were re-amped by Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Killswitch Engage), whilst Travis Smith (Nevermore, Katatonia) crafted the artwork.

Reviews & Features

you’ll know that it’s a mark of their class that ex-Nevermore guitarist and all-round six-string here, Jeff Loomis, wanted to work with them"

Listen to the exclusive album stream on Thrash Hits →

“This takes progressive death metal to a new level of pulverizing grandeur. Love it!”
Dom Lawson - Metal Hammer

"One of the very best death metal records I have heard in the last twelve months" 8/10 Cack Blabbath

"7H7E are here not only to give us some outstanding metal, but to lead the battle for the ages." Dawn of the Deaf

Watch the video for ‘Throes of Absolution album sampler’ on YouTube! →


Fans/Friends Best Releases of 2011

In another installment of our never ending ‘Best Releases’ of 2011 - we’ve asked our friends and some of our Basick Legion to supply us with their choices, to go alongside our own (check ours out here)

MAZ STAR - Total Rock DJ, Gin Monkey, Awesome chick

When I was first set the task by Basick Records to compile my top ten releases of the year, I thought “pffft, easy”. I eventually managed to create a shortlist comprising 25 entries and nearly had a breakdown trying to pick the top ten. Basick Records, I love you but I hate you.

1. Between The Buried And Me – Parallax: The Hypersleep Dialogues: One of the most beautiful releases this year.
2. Will Haven – Voir Dire: They still continue to crush my soul after all these years.
3. Opeth – Heritage: Needs more jazz flute.
4. Crowbar – Sever The Wicked Hand: I waited six years for this.
5. No Made Sense – New Season/New Blues: One of the most underrated releases this year; please check it out if you haven’t already. I would love them to reform and play this shit live.
6. Fucked Up – David Comes To Life: It’s a bloody rock opera!
7. Circles – The Compass: Strewth!
8. Vildhjarta – Måsstaden: A diamond shining brightly in a genre filled with dog turd.
9. Dripback – Inhaling The Ashes: Wick.
10. TesseracT – One: This would have been higher up had I not already had a copy of the album for well over a year before it came out. I played the shit out of it by 2011!

Honourable mentions:
1. The Safety Fire – Huge Hammers: This was the best song to be released this year. I can’t wait until grind The Ocean is out next year. Not that I’ve heard it. Ahem.
2. Mastodon – The Hunter
3. Decapitated – Carnival Is Forever
4. Aliases – Safer Than Reality
5. Animals As Leaders – Weightless

KELLY D - Total Rock DJ, Sexy Vixen, Top Banana

1. TesseracT - One (really Kelly…REALLLLY!!! We should red card you for this favouritism.)
2. Protest the Hero - Scurrilous
3. Exit Ten - Give Me Infinity
4. Thrice - Major/Minor
5. Aliases - Safer Than Reality
6. Visions - Home
7. Arcane Roots - Left Fire
8. The Suburbians - Follow The Lights
9. Lower Than Atlantis - World Record
10. Mastodon - The Hunter

JAHAN TABRIZI - Basick obsessed, Aliases HMV Competition winner, all round nice guy

10. Mastodon - The Hunter        

9. Protest The Hero - Scurrilous

8. Across The Sun - Before The Night Takes Us

7. Scale The Summit - The Collective

6. Uneven Structure - Februus

5.Circles - The Compass

4. Corelia - Nostalgia

3.Textures - Dualism

2.Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events

1. TesseracT - One


Q-BALL - Co-Exist Drummer, Prog lover, Grind Merchant

Lock Up - Necropolis Transparent
Vektor - Outer Isolation
Weedeater - Jason…The Dragon
Rotten Sound - Cursed
Hail!Hornet - Disperse The Curse
Wormrot - Dirge
Animals as Leaders - Weightless
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Kaputte Nackte Affen
Tesseract – One
Neuraxis - Asylon


Interview: CHIMP SPANNER discuss their recent tour

This time last week Chimp Spanner were on tour across the UK with label mates Uneven Structure and UK prog metallers TesseracT. Now the band are safely home, Lisa Basick caught up with the band to reminisce about their first full UK tour. Catch them on tour with TesseracT across Europe (dates here) and headlining the second stage at Euroblast in Germany in October.

Check out what the press thought of the tour in these reviews:

London || Birmingham || Glasgow || Manchester

Chimp Spanner Live: Boris (Drums), Jim (Guitar), Paul (Chimp, Guitar), Swanny (Bass). Photo: Francois Filon

Tiny little chimp Pookie (Paul is holding) courtesy of Greenpixy Amigurumis

Listen to the album ‘At the Dream’s Edge’ for free on Basick Records Bandcamp

Pick up some physical Chimp Spanner merch and CD’s at the Basick Store

1. So, how was the tour? Any outstanding memories or major mishaps along the way?

Paul: The tour was fantastic! It’s only our second time out on the road but everything felt so much more comfortable. Also helped that we had a great sound guy on board (Aidan O’Brian). Ah you know, I think we were pretty lucky as far as mishaps. There was the odd dodgy monitor wedge to deal with and a few funny goofs here and there but nothing major. Smooth sailing.

Boris: It was actually a VERY GOOD tour!!! I already miss it :) The best memory for me is the fact that we could watch TesseracT live every night during 9 days!! (I’m actually listening to “One” while I’m answering your questions) There were not any major mishaps during this tour but if I have to pick one I will say it was on the very last gig at the very end of our last song of the set (The Mirror) on my very last flying stick trick I didn’t catch it hahaha, shame when you know that I do it quite a lot during the sets and I never ever missed it during the whole tour ggrrr lol

Jim: Tour was incredible! Certainly a step up from our last outing for TYBYWY - both in venue and performance calibre. We did a helluva lot of prep for this tour and recorded the set tens of times to make sure we had stuff down. I think it paid off!

Swanny: An amazing experience, awesome touring with such amazing musicians, no bad luck, no tour aids and Boris didnt even drop a stick until the last riff of the last show, EUROPE HERE WE COME.

2. Best gig of the tour for you?

Paul: They were pretty much all awesome, but London was really something else. We were nervous because there was so much press there and we were really keen to make an impression. Somewhere between the nerves and the fear, we managed to have a great time, and the crowd gave it back to us tenfold. Amazing night.

Boris: LONDON !!! Sorry to the other cities but the crowd was insane and I really loved the energy they threw at us. I like to interact with the crowd, a live gig for me is all about sharing feelings/emotions with the crowd in front of you and when it works well and the crowd give it back to you its a good show to me.

Jim: London was incredible. Best turnout by a damn sight, but for me personally I felt like I really got into the groove somewhere around Birmingham/Manchester, because the first couple of shows went so well it became more about putting on a show rather than just musical performance.

Swanny: All the shows went really well, I think my favourite was Manchester because of the awesome monitor guy, I think it was the first time I’d ever played a Chimp show that was completly fuck-up free, am I allowed to say that……

3. Worst gig? Reasons why?

Paul: Sheffield *only* because I was feeling terrible when I went on stage, and was remembering everything I had to play about 1 second before I had to play it. I can only liken it to playing a song on Guitar Hero, on expert, for the first time. Let that be a lesson kids: no making party time before a show!

Boris: I will not say worst gig but maybe Cardiff was the one I enjoyed the least, basically because it was the day after London where the crowd was amazing and I couldn’t feel the crowd in Cardiff and I also had troubles with my monitors during the gig which make it a bit more difficult.

Jim: Worst gig would have to be Cardiff unfortunately, but not particularly down to the venue itself - it actually had the comfiest and most well-catered backstage area of all the venues we played which, as most members of touring bands will tell you, is massively appreciated! But a few things that we had no control of made it a particularly tricky show for us.

Swanny: The worst show for me was Sheffield. Not that it went bad but just weird vibes maaaaan, WEIRD VIBES.

Boris spins his sticks. Photo: Proghippie

4. Did you play any tour pranks on each other or the other bands?

Paul: Ah we’re way too nice for that. Saying that, we did have quite a bit of fun at Boris’s expense when we discovered that he’s afraid of wasps…and cannot pronounce the word ‘wasp’. I think it wore a bit thin by the end. For him. Not for us. Sorry Boris :]

Boris: EEEuuuuu I personally didn’t :)

Jim: We didn’t actually, it was super tame! I guess when your tour package consists of numerous genuinely nice guys it’s hard to actually want to fuck with someone!

Swanny: No, not really, this tour went pretty much prank free, apart from the constant bad french accents, UNEVEN STRUCTURE, WE LOVE YOU.

5. How was the accomodation along the way? Anyone you want to give shout outs to?

Paul: At the very least we managed to have some secure parking to sleep in the van. Mostly we just let Uneven Structure take the floor space because our van was kitted out for sleeping, and theirs was not. But thanks very much to everyone who had us a long the way, and especially to Sean McEmerson's neighbour for letting me into her house smelling like Whiskey so I could use her shower. Personally, I wouldn't have let me in.

Boris: We mainly slept in Kaan’s van, our driver (singer for No Consequence) who had beds inside so it was not too bad.  Thanks to Fabio and Ben for their hospitality.

Jim: The biggest shout out has to be to Kaan from No Consequence who was our driver on the tour. His van doubled as our accommodation for the vast majority of the tour and it is absolutely shit-hot in my opinion! Other guys that were good to us was our good buddy Fabio in Leeds/Bradford kinda area, with his unrivalled next level breakfast manoeuvres! One of my oldest friends Ben in Nottingham put some of us up 2 nights running and gave up some of his precious breakfast bacon for us all!

Swanny: As usual there was many die-hard djent fans willing to put us up for the night, which I am eternally grateful for. Too many to name here but I’m just gonna say I love you all for supporting the cause. Oh and I’d like to give a shout out to Bens cats for being awesome, if their reading this next time we meet the catnips on me.

6. A lot of reviews have cited you as THE band who stole the show each night, which is amazing given it was TesseracT’s headline tour and you are an instrumental band. Were you happy with the crowd reaction?

Paul: Well needless to say we’re very flattered! We knew from the beginning that there were going to be a lot of comparisons made between us and TesseracT even though, in reality, we’re very different bands. But by all accounts we held our own, and more importantly, complimented the evening as a whole. That’s what I wanted to achieve, and I think that’s what we did. There were a few puzzled faced at the start of our set but otherwise the crowds reacted just great.

Boris: Of course its always a pleasure to read in reviews that you stole the show, especially when the almighty TesseracT were headlining. We take this as a big compliment and it give us strength for the future !!!

Jim: The crowd reactions, if I’m honest, took some getting used to! Lots of people stood back waiting to figure what we were all about, and some of the big crescendo’s in some songs happened without the crowd stirring, which is odd when nailing something like the middle section of Under One Sky is like a massive victory for us all!

Swanny: Well that’s very flattering. The crowd reactions were very mixed, probably because it was a lot of peoples first time hearing Chimp Spanner in a live scenario and they were busy trying to stop their faces from melting.

7. This review states that “The simple fact is that live music needs vocals.” and that “Prog NEVER works live, no matter how good you are.” - bold statements. Do you feel you are at a disadvantage being an instrumental band? And how do you feel Prog works in a live setting?

Paul: Well, I know you can’t please all the people all the time! I’m totally fine with people just not digging us. But in this case it sounds like the reviewer either caught us at the wrong show, or simply went to a gig he was never going to enjoy. The crowd at the Garage (London) would heartily disagree with him. Of course that’s the whole point/beauty of music; it’s subjective! But it’s certainly no “fact” that Prog doesn’t work live. Hasn’t he heard of Rush?!

My own personal feelings are that what we’re all doing is just…making music. Sometimes it’s music you can go batshit to, and sometimes it’s music you can simply watch/listen and enjoy. Some of the quietest and most reserved people in the audience have also been the most appreciative and complimentary after we’ve played. So whether people are going nuts, or simply being attentive, as long as they’re enjoying what we’re doing then that’s all that matters.

As to being disadvantaged without vocals? It certainly makes the music more exposed. And there’s that feeling that eyes are constantly on you. But it’s just another challenge, and makes it that little bit cooler when someone who normally avoids instrumental music tells you they enjoyed the show and walks away with your album in hand!

Boris: I don’t think its a massive disadvantage being only an instrumental band, I actually really like instrumental music like “Explosions In The Sky" , "This Will Destroy You" , "Animals As Leaders" and more…the thing is it’s true that people like to sing words along the songs in general at a live show but during a Chimp Spanner show you can still see people singing!! Not words this time but Paul’s lead guitar and that’s a win as well :)

Jim: Absolutely not. Progressive music in all of it’s numerous forms definitely has a place in the realm of live music, as does instrumental music. Especially in Chimp Spanner where there is so much layering and background stuff happening that it would definitely fog Paul’s vision. Think of his lead guitar as vocal lines and you’re starting to get the right idea!

Swanny: I dont think we’re at a disadvantage by not having vocals, I mean Animals as Leaders are doing alright. Concerning the review, I think it was Tom Yorke that said ‘Opinions are like arseholes everyone has them and they all stink’ or something like that.

The band in action. Photo: Proghippie

8. You are back home now, what are the 3 main things you miss about home when you are on the road?

Paul: Ah that’s dead easy! Parents, cats, and a cup of tea in my own warm bed. I know that last one is kind of two. But it’s still allowed right?

Boris: I dunno, I don’t really miss anything but I can tell you 3 things I don’t miss when I’m at home: paying your bills, doing your washing and cleaning your house haha :) (thats basically what I had to do when I came back home)

Jim: A clean toilet with an almost limitless supply of TP, a powerful hot shower and not having to rely on eating out all the time! Forget trying to find food in a town centre when you finish a show at 9.30 on a Sunday night!

Swanny: My girlfriend, clean boxers, cooking food for myself.

9. The next Basick tour is ‘Safer Than Home' with Visions and Aliases. You guys were on tour with Aliases earlier in the year and it's well known the band are completely nuts, any advice for Visions? 

Paul: While I haven’t toured with Visions, somehow I imagine they’re capable of equal amounts of craziness. But yeah just be prepared to drink. A lot. And if anyone suggests play fighting with Leah or Pin, just don’t do it. It will end badly. Can’t believe I got my ass kicked by a girl.

Boris: YEAH!! Take care of Leah or you will have some sambucca going down your throat without you even notice it. And don’t ever ever play rugby with PIN, he was actually playing in the national rugby team, basically if you do you’re gonna be destroy haha.

Jim: The guys in Aliases are dead safe, no pun intended! We actually played a date in Peterborough with Visions on the TYBYWY tour with Aliases, and I think everyone got on well! There was that one night on Brighton Beach where everyone let their hair down, though..!

Swanny: If you think Aliases are nuts then you havent met Visions. Jokes…ummm take a taser!

10. You have a new release coming soon on Basick Records - can you share any top secret stuff with us?

Paul: Darker. Heavier. Denser. I think that’s about it…

Boris: EEuu wait if its top secret how can I share it, I’m confuse now lol :) noooo we are actually learning some new songs from the upcoming EP and I’m sure you guys are gonna love it as much as I do !!! STAY TUNED !!!

Jim: That’s not for me to say! But the good thing about the role I play within Chimp Spanner is I’m playing live guitar for one of my favourite songwriters, so I get to remain a fan AND get all the inside scoops on everything Paul’s doing! The new stuff that we’re all learning in preparation for a weekend of rehearsals in a few weeks time is a fair bit heavier than the songs on ATDE in their current form - I’m secretly hoping Paul ‘Chimps’ it up a bit more ;)

Swanny: It’s even cheesier, even heavier, even more hard to play and doesn’t have any vocals, fuck you prog haters!!!!!

The man, the legend, Paul Ortiz aka Chimp Spanner. Photo: Proghippie

11. Any last words for the people who came out to see you on tour?

Paul: Thanks so much to everyone who managed to make it to a show. Every hand shake and kind word really means a lot to us, so just keep an eye on the band page…we’ll be back!

Boris: A MASSIVE thank for those who came down to one of the shows or more and bought some merch from us as well. It actually really does help us doing tours and stuff !!!! Hope to see you all very soon !!!

Jim: Thanks to everyone who took the time to come and see us for a second time after TYBYWY - most of you said the show had been stepped up to the next level, so that was really awesome! Also thanks to everyone who bought T-Shirts, Posters and CDs and everyone else who had let us know they had a good time! Hope you come out and see us again next time!

Swanny: Thank you all so much for supporting this music, without you there wouldn’t be a scene and as long as people still keep coming out, we’ll still keep playing face melting metullz. 1OVE

More info: Chimp Spanner Shows

Interview: James Monteith (Basick Records/TesseracT) interviewed by Perry Kakridas (Circles)

We thought it about time that we did some TEAM BASICK interviews, catching up with the team behind the label. Who better to start with than James Monteith, Basick Records veteran, press guru, ambassador, resident drunk and guitarist in TesseracT as well as being a partner in the Music PR firm Hold Tight! PR. We threw him into the bear pit with Perry Kakridas, front man of Basick signings Circles and what followed is one of the most surreal interviews you may witness this year.

James is currently on tour in the USA/Canada with TesseracT who are supporting Protest the Hero and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Keep up with the band on tour with their video diaries

NAME: James Monteith

WEAPON: Guitar for Tesseract (Century Media) and spazzfingers for Basick (keyboard genius)

BAND: Tesseract (Century Media)

Interviewed by: Perry from Circles

Perry: So, how’s the US tour going? I heard that you signed some boobs.. Please elaborate, SLOWLY.

James: Tour is going great.. The shows have been well attended with a fair few people turning out who know us which is amazing. PTH and Maylene are great guys have been fun to hang out with. Canada was super snowy, Texas was viciously sunny, we have a shitty van that stinks of rotten fast food, farts and armpits. So all is good!

Yeah we signed boobs. You see we’re big shots now and do this kind of stuff. The signee came over in a sweaty tight white t shirt, clearly wanting some Tesseraction. The t-shirt was tight on the boobs and if you looked closely the shapes of slightly erect nipples could be made out. We each signed the curves of the ample breasts, except for Dan who went straight for the nipple. It was crazy.
(Now If we just quickly skip over the fact that it was a larger man, that’d be great.) Living the dream.

Perry: Mmmm.. So you’re touring on the back of your first album, One. How do you think it’s been received?

James: Really well! We couldn’t have asked for a better response from people. We’re seriously humbled by the fact that people 1000s of miles away from home dig what we do. Most of the reviews have been great too, which is nice!

Perry: Alright now, shut up about your band for a minute. We all know about bloody TesseracT. What the hell do you do over at Basick Records?

James: At the moment not much.. Haha Well I guess I’m acting as a US ambassador! Most nights on tour I’ve had people ask about Basick and taken the opportunity to plug the bands. There’s this band called Circles who I’ve been talking about a bit. I like to describe them as heavy prog rock with a hint of pugwall. Sound about right? People have been asking after Aliases too, and I obviously say they’re the best band in the world, because I’m scared of Leah.
I started at Basick doing press, but I’m not doing much of that at the moment due to other commitments.

Perry: Basick Records? Never heard of him. Hold Tight! PR does some great work on the other hand, which brings me to my next question…Why in the hell would they want you?

James: Good question. I can barely write, I can’t spell, I’m disorganized and I like to get drunk and say inappropriate things to the wrong people. They’re mugs.

Perry: Alrighty….Market this band. 1, 2, 3.. GO! (Nickleback)

James: A master of facial hair growth, Chad Kruger ups the ante with his latest effort. His hair flows smoothly from short to long in subtle waves of beauty, but still retaining the jagged edges that are crucial to its genius. If well groomed tidy facial hair is a vital part of your musical experience, make sure you pick up some Nickleback now!

Perry:  You almost had convinced me there for a minute. But then I remembered it was Nickleback ;) Speaking of which, what did you have for breakfast?

James: Steak and eggs.

Perry: Delightful. Study this picture from a calendar I just saw at someone’s house. If we can agree that there is a GIANT rooster in this photo.. Then who laid those eggs? Also is the house (in the top right-hand corner) really small, or are the children (and rooster) just really, really BIG? Also, why do non-Kentucky Fried chickens scare me? Discuss…

James: Well maybe the rooster is a homaphradite (check spelling!) (check it yourself you lazy git…Lisa x) and is capable of reproduction? We must not forget this tiny but significant group in the chicken community. That would be highly ignorant and disrespectful. Either that or they were laid earlier by a chicken, or the kids are chickens in disguise.Those houses are for locking up the children I think..
I don’t think Kentucky Fried Chickens are actually chicken, so I guess your fear simply stems from a deep inner hatred to the whole chicken race.

Perry: Look at this screenshot. Just like the previous question, this picture has nothing to do with you.

James: I get a semi whenever I see those shoulders.

Tesseract are on tour now, their debut album ‘One’ is also out now and you can pick it up here.

Not content with a little interview - we decided that each of the team should complete a little survey about their team mate as well….

1 - Sum up James in 3 words:

Barley: lanky groove-ridden boozehound


Lisa: Rum guzzling rockstar

Sean: Pure sound, man

2 - What does James do at Basick:

Barley: That’s actually a VERY good question…

Chad: Brushes his long locks of hair 100 times on each side…nothing gets that beautiful all by itself! 

Lisa: HAHAHAHHAHAH! He looks really good in our t-shirts ;)

Sean: Makes us think we suffer from dyslexia.

3 - If James were an animal, which one would he be:

Barley: James IS an animal.

Chad: Giraffe…need I say more!?!

Lisa: 3 toed sloth. Slow, wide eyed, massively hairy, hangs…in…trees?!

Sean: Giraffe, duh!

4 - James’ most attractive feature:

Barley: Shouting SLAYYYEEEERRRR at the top of his voice when drunk.

Chad: Are you asking me this question to see if I am attracted???

Lisa: His wife. 

Sean: His awkward beauty.

5 - James’ most annoying habit: 

Barley: Shouting SLAYYYEEEERRRR at the top of his voice when drunk.

Chad: Ummmm….spelling!

Lisa: Spelling….

Sean: He only tells me he loves me when he’s drunk. Hurts my heart feelings, man.

6 - In a fight between James and Jim Carrey, who would win and why?

Barley: Doppelganger! I seriously doubt that you’d be able to tell who was coming out on top. They are one and the same.

Chad: James because he would outwit Jim Carrey…Jim Carrey broke up with Jenny McCarthy….he can’t be too bright!!!

Lisa: I hope James…Jim Carrey is annoying as hell. 

Sean: I would like to see Jim Carrey try to suplex James through a table.

7 - Rate James’ taste in music….

Barley: Pretty damn good, that’s why he’s here :) And like the rest of us, he’s also never afraid to pin his heart on his sleeve for some utterly rubbish bands too.

Chad: Well, he is in TesseracT…his taste of music can’t be judged!

Lisa: SLAYYEEEEEEERRRR. James has possibly the worst taste in music. Ever.

Sean: On a scale of Bad to Exquisite, his taste is Exquisite. 

8 – I like James because……

Barley: He shouts SLAYYYEEEERRRR at the top of his voice when drunk.

Chad: Because I always see him wearing an ADO shirt!

Lisa: He makes me look good ;)

Sean: He’s pure sound, man.

Feature! Djent - the founding fathers watch their djenre grow up

Music PR company Hold Tight! have written an article on the Djent scene, the founding bands and what the future holds for the movement. Including quotes from bands such as TesseracT, Chimp Spanner and record labels including Century Media and ourselves, it’s definitely worth a read.

Basick Records boss Barley is quoted in the article saying…

Nathan “Barley” Phillips, Director of UK based metal label Basick Records, home to bands such as Circles, Aliases, Ion Dissonance adds, “Whether we’ve been aware of it or not, I guess BASICK RECORDS has always had a part to play in this new scene, right from the labels inception. The funny thing is, we’ve been around it for a few years already, watching things grown and develop and those close to us are already sick of hearing the word DJENT, over and over, whilst others are literally just finding their feet with it. I’m one of the rare people who doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. I’m of the opinion that you should just take it for what it is: A WORD. Ultimately, if this is the word that is being used to describe technically challenging and boundary pushing,intelligent Metal, then that’s good enough for me.”

To read the full piece - click here.

Basick bands staging an uprising / clothing coup (Hoodie Gate!) against record label boss Barley. Seems to be instigated by TesseracT guitarist James (our press guru) and Leah from Aliases, helped along the way by several members of Monuments and Nik Alexander who should know better!!! Backstage at the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen Tour.

The Basick Legion wave goodbye to 2010 

As we kick off 2011 in style, the Basick legion of fans, friends and family reflect on what was so amazing for them in 2010. Hopefully we’ve got everyone included - if you did an interview and you can’t see it, get in touch with us on facebook. Lisa x

Mark Anthony Weller

2010 was epic because OF THE RETURN OF PIN.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was Wintersun.

Best gig of 2010 was Veil of Maya.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was.. hmmm cant really say there is anything.

Funniest thing of 2010 was some local band.

Biggest let down of 2010 was FellSilent splitting.

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do?
Daz from Aliases, be an even bigger miserable bastard and film it for my enjoyment!

In 2011 I will mostly be in uni hoping to get a band together.

Basick Records is epic.

Huthaifa Al-Rawi 

2010 was epic because it was a (Djenty Year)!

Record I listed to most in 2010 was Periphery’s debut album

Best gig of 2010 was Dream Theater in Columbus-OH (July ‘10) & Joe Satriani (Detroit-Dec’10))

Most Under-rated thing of 2010 was Wikileaks!

Funniest thing of 2010 was Billy Cosby Jam with Satch on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show

Biggest Let down of 2010 was (the blast that killed NZ Miners )

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do?

with Chimp Spanner! and I’d live his dream’s edge !

In 2011 I will mostly be working on my music, jamming with other musicians, practicing more, studying, working and enjoying life!

Basick Records ROCKS, stay Ba(SICK!)) :)

Mark Molchan

2010 was epic because… I FINALLY GOT A BASICK HOODIE

Record I listened to most in 2010 was… Tesseract’s Concealing Fate ep

Best gig of 2010 was… probably The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen!

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was… I would say The Ocean’s Anthropocentric!

Biggest let down of 2010 was… there was no Canadian tour :(

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? Either the bass player from Monuments or Joseph Battimelli and play a gig with these guys!

In 2011 I will mostly be…. hoping for a Canadian tour!

Basick Records is…. one of my favorite things ever !

Joseph DiRusso

2010 was epic because… Aliases and Ion Dissonance signed to Basick

Record I listened to most in 2010 was… not sure… I rocked alot this year… http://www.last.fm/elitedivine

Best gig of 2010 was… Euroblast even tho I didnt get to attend the roster was epic

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was... Radience - the burning sun

Funniest thing of 2010 was.… Me thinking Cloudkicker signed to Basick and posting it

Biggest let down of 2010 was… the fact Cloudkicker didnt sign to Basick

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do?
Chimpy… I would drink tea and pet his cat in his flat.

In 2011 I will mostly be.… anticipating Basicks new signing announcement… wink wink

Basick Records is…. SuperSlickSexySmoothHipAndAlternative ♥

Joe Wheeler

2010 was epic because - my music taste was well and truly raped by record companies such as yours :’) plus I got to see over 30 brilliant bands.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was- Meshuggah - Obzen.

Best gig of 2010 was - Basick Luton free gig.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was - that gig ^^^

Funniest thing of 2010 was- Attack Attack vs Annotations of an Autopsy.

Biggest let down of 2010 was- Paul Grey passing.

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? - Paul Ortiz- so I can witness what it feels like to own so many awesome instruments and play em like can.

In 2011 I will mostly be- doing…something, no plans yet.

Basick Records is- the way forward.

Lyn Smith

2010 has been epic because Basick reached its 5th birthday and Barley had the nuts to go full time! Onwards and upwards :)

Record I listened to most in 2010 was - At the Dreams Edge, Chimp Spanner

Best gig of 2010 was Lady Gaga at the O2, .. OH and Monuments and Chimp in Milton Keynes and Monuments and Chimp at the Basick party and Tesseract at both of those lol.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was - How proud of Barley I am :)

Funniest thing of 2010 was - Lisas Tesseract pie!

Best thing about Basick - Everyone is so NICE !!!!!! XXXX

Barleys naked shoulders, yes or no? -Thats my boy :)

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? : James’ wife, so I could look after the babies while he whisks her away for a lovely weekend, he is away from home so often, she deserves it :)

What will you be doing 2011?- Watching and waiting for Basick world domination!

New Year resolution for Basick - To stock ladies and kids tees and Chimpy big slippers :)

Paul Cole

2010 was epic because for the first time in years, I actually lost count of how many amazing bands and albums surfaced all at once! It was a particularly good year for tech metal and such too, which just so happens to be right up my street!

Record I listened to most in 2010 was Animals as Leaders self titled album. Even though it wasn’t a 2010 release it was so damn good its been on ever since I bought it. Having said that, ‘At the dream’s edge’ and ‘We are the Foundation’ are right up there too ;)

Best gig of 2010 was without a doubt Monuments supporting Winds of Plague at Six Feet Under in Newport, S. Wales in November. I’m in a few bands that have always tried to be a bit more technical than most, and watching someone pull it off as well as Browne and co. did that night is a huge inspiration. Absolutely killed :)

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was probably ‘Senjyu’, Cyclamen’s debut album. I hadn’t heard massive amounts of hype about it, and when it came out the first few opinions i caught weren’t promising. But what an album! Had a preview and just had to go and buy it. So musically diverse it’s unreal, plus it has some of the most inventive songwriting since Sikth in my opinion!

Funniest thing of 2010 was Browne’s hair at that W.O.P gig in Newport. Truly it is one of the modern wonders of the universe. And pretty damn fly to boot.

Biggest let down of 2010 was Viatrophy splitting up. I wouldn’t call it a let down as such because I saw a lot of awesome shows, and it was down to band members deciding to do something else in life - so I’m guessing it wasn’t an easy thing for them to go through with either. But they were kick ass, and will be missed! RIP

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? That’s a good one… It’d have to be with one of the guitarists from Monuments I reckon. What would I do? Oh, I’d go on tour with TesseracT and Periphery and jam the fk out! And help finishing the album. The world seriously needs to hear that stuff! Plus, jamming with two ex Fellsilent members and several other seriously tight musicians onstage would be one hell of an experience.

In 2011 I will mostly be writing, recording and gigging. It’s hardly on the scale of these guys yet but hey, we’ve all gotta start somewhere right? Haha I’m not gonna plug my band here, but we’ll come out of the woodwork when this records ready :) When I’m not doing that I’m gonna be going to see Aliases cos they’ve escaped me so far!

Basick Records is where it’s at! Get wise people ;)

Aaquib Wani

2010 was epic because… I got to see TesseracT and Meshuggah on the same day!

Record I listened to most in 2010 was… Undying Inc(Album - Aggressive World Dynasty), TesseracT EP, Monuments EP, Meshuggah Discographia, Periphery(Self titled)

Best gig of 2010 was… Meshuggah, TesseracT and Undying Inc(Indian Band) live on the same day in India itself!!

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was... A lot of good Indian metal bands getting unnoticed!

Biggest let down of 2010 was… Despised Icon & Fellsilent breaking up.

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do?
Haha! I think everyone at Basick is doing a killer job! Mad props to you guys! Well, given choice why not you Lisa? Haha :P

In 2011 I will mostly be….Super Djent. Meshuggah’s, TesseracT’s, Monuments, Textures and alot of albums lined up! Should be a killer year!

Basick Records is…. Best thing for the underground scene. But no more underground cause of its work :)

Howie Tong

2010 was epic because… Chimps On Death Row were formed ;)

Record I listened to most in 2010 was… Probably “The Second Stage Turbine Blade” by Coheed & Cambria.

Best gig of 2010 was… Well I’d have to say Chimps On Death Row at The Box, Crewe. It may sound like a shameless self plug, but for me it was the best in terms of my own journey as a musician. It was a milestone event for the band, and we kicked ASS!

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was…Most things I’m into I fancy…

Funniest thing of 2010 was….2010 was mostly a joke…

Biggest let down of 2010 was…Me not achieving everything I wanted to this year. Hopefully 2011 will be my year!

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do?
Gotta be Lisa right!? Haha, what wouldn’t I do! ;)

In 2011 I will mostly be….Gigging and making an EP (hopefully).

Basick Records is….Like being told not to fiddle under the covers, doing it out of defiance, and then rather loving it.

Rick Fortier

2010 was epic because… I graduated College with a degree in Music Industry Management, will it be useful? We will see.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was… The Podium of Lies by We Are The Illusion, Creations by An Obscure Signal, or Periphery by Periphery.

Best gig of 2010 was… The Legacy tour in Baltimore, MD w/Darkest Hour, Veil of Maya, Periphery and An Obscure Signal

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was… The Physical CD.

Funniest thing of 2010 was…. South Park’s Creme Fraiche and Shake Weight Episode. Actually, this is just the most recent thing that came to mind!

Biggest let down of 2010 was… Probably not the biggest let down, but most recent for me was After the Burials new album.

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do?

Monuments, and I would tour the States and make sure to have a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Oh wait, only 48 hours? I would change spots with Barley and sign We Are The Illusion… HAHA.

In 2011 I will mostly be…. Looking for a job in the so called music industry as well as managing a few bands and enjoying life!

Basick Records is…. A reputable up-and-coming label. Very personable to their fan-base, and they have begun to develop a quality brand for themselves. I can’t wait to see what type of expansion or plans they have for 2011. Bringing quality music to music lovers worldwide.

Carl Sewell - The Legacy Agency

2010 was epic because we had another successful year and are very proud of all our artists!

Record I listened to most in 2010 was H20 - Nothing to prove

Best gig of 2010 was Gallows Bedford Esquires

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was my cats ability to play fetch

Funniest thing of 2010 was my girlfriend asking why barcelona weren’t in the world cup.

Biggest let down of 2010 was students covering historical statues in graffiti during their protests

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? 100% would be with barley and I’d sit in his big ol’ office chair all day and just sing my special ‘I am barley’ song over and over again….

In 2011 I will mostly be seen at shows with a fag in one hand and a cider in the other.

Basick Records is like a brother to me.

Tom Callan

2010 was epic because so many truly amazing bands surfaced and rocked the world of music and set it a blaze.

Record I  listened to most in 2010 was either At the Dreams Edge by Chimp Spanner , Beacons by Cloudkicker or Blue Sky Noise by Circa Survive.

Best gig of 2010 was Alter Bridge or a local band called Always the Quiet Ones. I didnt get a chance to see many bands live this year and when I did these are the only two that managed to deliver.

Most under rated thing of 2010 was or is entrosolet, this band is due to kick some ass in 2011 and more people should be aware that is band is around.

Funniest thing of 2010 was ummm I dont really know there is to many things that happened, I wouldnt know where to start, it wasnt the bad of year as many people has said its been.

Biggest let down of 2010 was easily Mike Portnoy leaving Dream Theater.

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? I wouldnt change places with any of them but rather join them and make Basick bigger badder than ever and then conquer the world !

In 2011 I will mostly be writing , recording my own music and trying to go as many gigs as humanly possible. 

Basick Record is clearly a label for the people, run by the people!

Adam Barrett

2010 was epic because it was the year I discovered Basick Records and the whole “Djent” scene in general.

Record I listened to most in 2010 must have been Fellsilent - Hidden Words or Periphery’s Debut.

Best gig of 2010 was seeing Nevermore at Islington O2 academy.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was the power of “bedroom” producing.

Funniest thing of 2010 was watching Periphery’s Studio diary videos(which were really more pissing about than studio diaries!)

Biggest Letdown of 2010 was not being able to see Monuments at Norwich or TesseracT not releasing ‘One’.

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? I wouldn’t want to change places, I would like to get on the Basick roster on my own accords and efforts.

In 2011 I will mostly be working on getting some ome of my music out there.

Basick Records is easily one of the best Record Labels I have come across.

Tom Race

2010 was epic because…was the beginning of the future!

Record I listened to most in 2010 was…Breach: Kollapse

Best gig of 2010 was…Centurions Ghost / Hesper Payne: Terrorizer Grindhouse Manchester Vol 1

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was…Furze’s new album

Funniest thing of 2010 was….Englands failure to deal with slippery surfaces

Biggest let down of 2010 was…Getting ill while watching Mayhem

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do?
I’d swap places with Lisa so I could molest her chinese husband.

In 2011 I will mostly be….Getting laid.

Basick Records is…. Full of widdly noises

Tom Horn

2010 was epic because… I made a black metal pilgrimage to Norway

Record I listened to most in 2010 was… to be honest, there is that much decent new new stuff coming out I probably have a new album per week, Chimp Cpanners up on the list great for the drive to work

Best gig of 2010 was… for me erm, out of over 50 bands seen - Immortal at Graspop Festival.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was...No Consequence, hands down, no contest.

Funniest thing of 2010 was…. actually seeing how many times Satan can jump up and down on a trampoline.

Biggest let down of 2010 was...cancellation of Volbeat tour.

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? Chimp Spanner, and play the drums dressed as a chimp, with er spanners.(not a chocy bar in sight)

In 2011 I will mostly be…. recording my at home death metal tribute- Tony Harts death metal band, with the album : metal-morph-osis ,see what I did there.(honestly, I am)

Basick Records is…. just coming down your street now, be there in 5 minutes.

Alex Fraser

2010 was epic because of all the amazing bands that put albums out. One of my favourites being Chimp Spanner.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was The Great Misdirect by Between the Buried and Me.

Best gig of 2010 was Between the Buried and Me, Cynic, Devin Townsend Project, and Scale the Summit.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was I’m not quite sure…

Funniest thing of 2010 was finding out that ALL female disney stars end up being sluts.

Biggest let down of 2010 was when I heard that Tymon and Robin were leaving Cynic.

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do?
Probably Paul Ortiz. I would then conquer the world with all of the skill that would pour out of my every orifice.

In 2011 I will mostly be working on music, listening to the Monuments album.

Basick Records is possibly the best record label ever made. And a bunch of really great people.

Team Basick - what we thought of 2010

2010 has been a great year for Basick - our releases have been met with great press and gone down well with fans, we celebrated our 5th birthday with a free gig in Luton in September and we’ve signed some amazing bands. What’s not to love? Don’t take our word for it - here is what Team Basick loved most about 2010.

Barley - Big Boss Dude (Mostly plays with Lego)

2010 was epic because…It was the year that I finally grew the balls to give up my soul-crushing nine-to-five and drag this record label kicking and screaming in to full steam ahead mode.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was…Chimp Spanner – ‘At The Dream’s Edge’ / Cloudkicker – ‘Beacons’

Best gig of 2010 was…Ahh man there were loads – Euroblast in Germany, Hammerfest, Damnation Festival, Never Say Die, Ion Dissonance at The Underworld was special and of course the Basick birthday party.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was…My bakery skills

Funniest thing of 2010 was….My bakery skills

Best Basick moment of 2010 was…Again, loads… Bringing the new ION D album to Europe, making it to 5 years old and having the subsequent birthday party, signing Aliases, Chimp Spanner album and solidifying this awesome roster and faction of Team Basick are just a few :)

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? I guess it would have to be Leo from No Made Sense, just to see what it’s like on the other side…

Barley’s naked shoulders – yes or no?…Oi, leave my shoulders out of this… I’m just happy in my own skin, so I like to show people occasionally ;)

In 2011 I will mostly be….Face down in a mountain of bullshit no doubt, as we try and take this label global. We’re coming for you! 

James - Press Guru (Geometrical Rockstar)

2010 was epic because… I’ve toured half the world with my band TesseracT.
Record I listened to most in 2010 was… Chimp Spanner, At The Dream’s Edge.
Best gig of 2010 was… Meshuggah and Enslaved at the Great India Rock Festival. 

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was… Periphery's album! It took quite a bashing on forums and websites which amazed me, maybe people's expectations were unrealistically high? I dunno.. but i do know that it's a fucking killer record.
Funniest thing of 2010 was…. The explosion of the crabcore move! I know this has been going on for a little while, but it was only this year, when watching a band (I won’t mention) do it live, that I realised how hilarious this looks. What’s even more hilarious, is that people think it looks cool. I know I know, I’m just not down with the kids.
Best Basick moment of 2010 was… Chimp Spanner live! The Monuments guy did a blinding job making this happen too. Hats off to all.

If you could change places, with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? Luke from Arusha Accord. And I would go around picking up heavy things all day. Sounds boring, but being a skinny bastard, this is something I’ve never been able to do.

Barley’s naked shoulders – yes or no?… only if accompanied with a full frontal.

In 2011 I will mostly be….  A) converting the metal masses and beyond to the ways djent, prog and technical metal by: touring my ass off with TesseracT, promoting the hell out of Basick bands and getting drunk and making a fool out of myself in the name of art. B) hanging out with my family and grooming my sons into shredders. C) Shouting SLAYER a lot.

Lisa - Marketing / Label Management (Thinks she’s the boss dude)

2010 was epic because:  Loads of new friends and experiences, travelling all over the UK to listen to some awesome bands and then knowing I get to do it all over again in 2011.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was: Tesseract EP / Chimp Spanner ATDE / Pin Up Went Down 342 - all three featured heavily in my sounds for 2010 for different reasons. Tesseract just because it’s huge and oh so very good. Chimp for when I’m working, I find it quite relaxing and Pin Up Went Down to make me smile a lot.

Best gig of 2010 was: Tesseract at Basick 5th Birthday in Luton. I was a fan before but that gig really made me sit up and take notice, and they were a man down! Damnation Festival was also a kick in the arse - so many good bands packed into one day and Dillinger Escape Plan headlining just blew my nuts off, best live band ever.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was:  Coffee. I only started drinking it for the first time in September this year. Who knew!!! Awesome stuff. Completely addicted now, thank you Mr Miller!

Funniest thing of 2010 was: Asking Barley to sign Aliases…Barley signing Aliases. Pestering Barley to let me label manage Aliases…Barley letting me label managing Aliases…and then trying to hand them back after trying to work with Pin for an hour. ;) - the boy is an absolute handful. Leah more than makes up for it. Awesome times.

Best Basick moment of 2010 was: Meeting the entire Basick team, bands and family at our 5th Birthday party in Luton. I’ve never worked anywhere that has that feeling of being one massive family like Basick has. From the team, to the bands, to the bands families, to the other industry folk involved with Basick, to Barleys family - it’s just one giant clusterfv*k of awesomeness. We’re all really close and we all look after each other.

If you could change places with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? Browne from Monuments. I’d just spend 48hrs fondling my hair. Actually 47hrs spent massaging the fro, 1 hour spent seeing what it’s like to be able to be that good on guitar.

Barley’s naked shoulders - yes or no? Those big beasting nakey shoulders are now burnt into my retina cos he uses them for his skype avatar. Apparently if you bung him a fiver he’ll send you the rest of that pic for your personal enjoyment ;)

In 2011 I will mostly be… shouting more at my 3 Basick brothers, Barley, James and Sean. Trying (and failing) to keep Aliases on the straight and narrow and get their EP release out on time. Getting out and about with a few of the Basick tours coming up. Getting fired 320 times a day by Pin. Bugging Barley daily to gimme No Made Sense to babysit. Plotting world domination for the label. Taking the piss out of Sean. Mostly taking the piss out of Sean.

Sean - Design / IT Architecture (Part time SHLAAAAGG / Full time funboy)

2010 was epic because:  Mostly always: friends, Guinness, music and work.

Record I listened to most in 2010 was: Karnivool - Sound Awake.

Best gig of 2010 was: Had most fun at The Black Dahlia Murder, but Jónsi was incredible.

Most under-rated thing of 2010 was: Tomato soup.

Funniest thing of 2010 was: Weekend in Luton for Basick’s 5th birthday party or Birmingham for Viatrophy’s last tour.

Best Basick moment of 2010 was: Having the team in the same room for the first time, helping Chimp Spanner take his music from his bedroom to the stage for the first time, signing Aliases or releasing Ion Dissonance’s new album!

If you could change places with someone on the Basick roster for 48 hours, who would you change with and what would you do? Barley, to send me his beautiful iMac.

Barley’s naked shoulders - yes or no? If you’ve got it flaunt it!

In 2011 I will mostly be… Helping Basick conquer the world. Let’s be ‘avin’ ye!

Team Basick - Top 10 Albums of 2010 List

It’s been a great year for releases across the board and as the year draws to a close the Basick team had a tough choice in picking only 10 for their ‘Top albums of 2010’ feature. Only one album, Chimp Spanner - At the Dream’s Edge was featured on every single list. Check out what we chose below.

Barley - Top 10 Albums of 2010

1) Chimp Spanner - At The Dream’s Edge

From the first moment I heard this album all the way through, I knew it would be my album of the year. This is the sound of genius musicianship fusing in perfect harmony with sublime instrumentalism. Paul is at the top of his game right now, I cant wait to hear what he comes up with next.
LINK: Chimp Spanner – Under One Sky

2) Cloudkicker – Beacons

Much like Chimp Spanner, after a couple years of honing his craft, Ben totally nailed it with ‘Beacons’ this year. The song structures and aural layering on this record are just incredible. He manages to capture such an emotive sound on this record.
LINK: http://cloudkicker.bandcamp.com/

3) Ion Dissonance – Cursed

A true return to form for the worlds best technical grindcore band. Having been a fan of this band for many years, not only was it great to hear them pushing their musical abilities once again, but it was also an honour and my absolute pleasure to be able to release this album in Europe for them. No one does this stuff better. FACT.
LINK: Ion Dissonance – We Like To Call This One… F**k Off

4) Proghma-C - Bar-do Travel

It’s pretty rare these days that I go to a show and get totally blown away by a band I’ve never heard of before, but that’s exactly what happened with these guys at Euroblast in Germany earlier this year. Mixing up the timings of Tool and Meshuggah with some electronic soundscapes makes for some perfect songs.
LINK: http://www.last.fm/music/Proghma-C/_/Naan

5) Enabl.ed – Dips33

I’m still heavy in to my IDM and Electronica and this has to be one of the most beautiful and clever downtempo electronic releases I’ve heard in a good while. Anyone who can create raw heart-felt emotion from computer generated sounds gets the nod from me. Out now via the Concrete Plastic label, who are based in Brighton, UK. Go check this amazing label out.
LINK: Enabl.ed – Sibevick

6) Rosetta - A Determinism Of Morality

I’m always amazed at the depth this band manages to create on each of their records. For a 3 piece band with a vocalist, they just sound HUGE. If you like massively heavy space-rock with lashing of progressive feeling thrown in for good measure, then I suggest I check these guys out.
LINK: Rosetta – Wake

7) Tony Danza TDE - Danza III

I’ve know Josh for quite a while now, ever since he sent me demos of his old band When Knives Go Skyward a few years back. So when I heard he was joining Danza, I waited for the outcome with baited breath. Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed. This record is just insane. Josh is creating things on guitar that are just light years ahead of anyone else in Metal.
LINK: http://www.myspace.com/tonydanzatapdanceextravaganza

8) Deftones - Diamond Eyes

The perfect band return with the perfect album. Even with all their trials and tribulations of the last few years, Deftones still manage to pull what is arguable the album of their career out of the bag. The songs on this album are just amazing and Chino’s voice have never sounded better than on tracks like ‘Beauty School’ and ‘Sextape’.
LINK: Deftones – Sextape

9) Foals - Total Life Forever

I didn’t think there was any way I could love another FOALS album as much as I loved their stunning debut a couple years ago, but Total Life Forever proved me wrong. Ditching a lot of their original frenetic math-rock in favour of a deeper more considered sound, this album is so well-rounded and just kills it on so many levels. The production is fantastic and songs like ‘Spanish Sahara’ and ‘Alabaster’ just make you want to curl up somewhere dark and warm in the foetal position.
LINK: Foals – Spanish Sahara

10) Intronaut – Valley Of Smoke

Why these guys aren’t as big (or bigger) as Mastodon I have no idea. Well I do have an idea actually, but I wont go into that here. This album is yet another example of why Intronaut are the kings of heavy progressive post-rock. The musicality is astounding at times and features some of the best bass guitar playing I’ve heard on a heavy record in ages.
LINK: Intronaut – Core Relations


James - Top 10 Albums of 2010

1) TesseracT - Concealing Fate EP

Well it had to be in here… didn’t it!!!
LINK:  Concealing Fate Part 3 - Emotive

2) Tony Danza TDE - Danza III

Josh’s off the wall technical riffing is taken to a new level on this record. Spazzy, crazy and fucking heavy!
LINK: http://www.myspace.com/tonydanzatapdanceextravaganza

3) Chimp Spanner - At the Dream’s Edge

A real journey of an album. Incredible (bedroom) production, great riffing, highly intelligent musicial composition and the most tasteful cheese you’ve ever heard
LINK: Chimp Spanner – Far From Home

4) Terror - Keepers of the Faith The best record to break stuff to this year. End of.
LINK: Terror - The Struggle

5) Kylesa - Spiral Shadow

Great sludgy riffs and edgy melodies are as expected, although the song writing is definitely some of the band’s best yet.
LINK: Kylesa - Tired Climb

6) Periphery - Periphery

Technical riffing that will impress even the most technically proficient guitar players out there. What a debut this is!
LINK: Periphery - Icarus Lives

7) Ion Dissonance - Cursed

The heaviest thing I have ever heard. Seriously, nothing is heavier than this. NOTHING!
LINK: Ion Dissonance - This is the Last Time I Repeat Myself

8) Cloudkicker - Beacons

A beautiful instrumental record - ethereal atmosphere, big guitars, lush melodies, djizz.
LINK: http://cloudkicker.bandcamp.com/

9) Fear Factory - Mechanize

What a return to form from these metal pioneers. Dino rules, nuff said.
LINK: fearfactory.com

10) Anathema - We’re Here Because We’re Here

Anthemic, atmospheric, beautiful.
LINK: myspace.com/weareanathema


Lisa - Top 10 Albums of 2010

1) Chimp Spanner – At The Dream’s Edge

Every time I hear this album it makes me feel so comfortable, it’s like the soundtrack to your best ever day. I wrestled with my top 3 as all of them could have easily taken the top spot for album of my year but I chose Chimp Spanner because the production is immensely beautiful and behind that massive wall of sound is just one lovely guy pumping out stunning music.
LINK: Chimp Spanner - Supererogation

2) Pin-Up Went Down – 342

This album has stayed on constant rotation on my playlist for months. French avant-garde mentalists Pin-Up Went Down managed to capture an absolutely perfect moment in time with this album, granted it’s a schizophrenically twisted moment of metal, opera, j-pop and lullabies but the merging of styles results in one of the most interesting and beautiful albums I’ve heard, ever.
Pin-Up Went Down - Aquarium 

3) TesseracT - Concealing Fate EP

TesseracT are one of the few bands who can produce such a huge sound on record and still sound that huge live. This EP is packed full of stunning musicianship coupled with some of the best vocals I’ve heard and it’s so good in places that it makes my face numb.  A great appetiser for the full album which is due out next year. 7.53 on the track below. OOFT.
Concealing Fate Part 1 - Openings

4) Levi / Werstler – Avalanche of Worms

Best enjoyed as one long track, this instrumental album from guitarists Emil Werstler and Eyal Levi is a progressive odyssey that perfectly combines crushing areas of heaviness with technicality and musicianship. If you like bands such as Animals as Leaders and Scale the Summit then definitely check this one out.
Levi / Werstler - Casting the Molten Sea

5) East of The Wall – Ressentiment

Beautifully unpredictable, this album took a few spins to fully register its beauty but once it did, it unleashed a rainbow of organically proggy post-metal bliss. An engaging and complex slow burner of an album.
East of the Wall - Salieri

6) The Dillinger Escape Plan – Operation Paralysis

I saw these guys at Damnation Festival in November when they destroyed the place and are easily one of the best live bands I’ve seen. Dillinger are back - harder, faster, sharper and entirely fearless with Operation Paralysis, an album which shows their evolving brand of skullfuckery shows no sign of slowing down.
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Farewell, Mona Lisa

7) Proghma-C - Bar-do Travel

It’s rare for Barley and I to agree on music but on this occasion I’m glad I listened. Polish band Proghma-C have delivered a compelling album of hypnotic atmospheric prog rock and its one of the stand out albums of the year for me. Yes it reeks of Meshuggah and Tool but as a debut it’s a gem and if this is what album one sounds like, lets skip ahead in time to album no.3 and pat ourselves on the back shall we?

8) The Crinn – Dreaming Saturn

The Crinn sound like they’re playing their instruments with very talented feet. I don’t know what else to say about this other than it’s good. Heavy good. Heavy, fast, brutal, technical and for the most part unique.  A technical headfuck of spazzmoid proportions.

9) Humanfly – Darker Later

Humanfly appeared on my radar in November at a gig in Leeds. Since then I’ve practically worn out the CD from listening to it it’s now obscene as to how many times I’ve listened to the closing track ‘Heavy Black Snow’ which clocks in at an impressively proggy 17 minutes. Humanfly deliver a punishing, dense, sludgy but beautiful sound - littered with the ghostly echoes of Black Sabbath, Mastodon, Flaw, Pink Floyd and Neurosis.
Humanfly - Heavy Black Snow

10) Oceansize - Self Preserved Whilst the Bodies Float Up

Oceansize aren’t supposed to sound like this. In fact every time I put this album on I have to check it actually is Oceansize. They came back from touring with Faith No More with some gargantuan bollocks and fired their collective manjam into what has turned out to be one of the most stunning albums of the year. 
Oceansize - Part Cardiac


SEAN - Top 10 Albums of 2010

1) Chimp Spanner - At the Dream’s Edge
What can be said about this album that’s not already been said by the others? Not much so just listen!
Chimp Spanner - Harvey Wallbanger

2) Cloudkicker - Beacons
It’s always great to see and hear a band progress and for that reason this year has been great for both Cloudkicker and his legion of fans. Beacons sounds like a natural step forward with his music and I hope Ben continues this and follows in Chimp Spanner’s footsteps and one day will take his music from the bedroom to the stage.

3) Deftones - Diamond Eyes
Not only one of the best metal albums released this year, this is arguably Deftones at their best too.
Deftones - CMND/CTRL

4) Ihsahn - After
An instant winner from the first time I heard it. The arrangements, composition and sheer musicianship on display on this album is stunning. This is a wonderfully diverse album and one which I will not get bored of any time soon.

5) Ion Dissonance - Cursed
Crushing. The first word I used to describe the first track I heard off this album and I stand by it. The whole album is just fucking crushing!
Ion Dissonance - This is the Last Time I Repeat Myself

6) Jónsi - Go
The percussion on this album is one of my favourite things about the layered and textured music which the Sigur Rós frontman provides on his debut solo effort. Not only is this one of my favourite albums of the year but his live show was one of the best I’ve seen all year and is one of my all-time favourites. I rarely use this word, but ‘epic’ sums this band up nicely.
Jónsi - Animal Arithmetic

7) Oceansize - Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up
I have nothing but unadulterated love for this band. I was lucky enough to get this album 3 days before it was released in an indie store in Glasgow and upon first listen I knew it would be in this list. This album has everything you love about Oceansize and more.
Oceansize - Superimposer

8) Orbs - Asleep Next to Science
I first heard this album in August 2008 but it wasn’t officially released until August of this year so it can now make it onto my Top Ten! Amongst others, Orbs features members of Between the Buried and Me and Fear Before The March of Flames. I love the progressive and experimental blend of their music as well as Adam Fisher’s approach to the vocals and lyrics, there’s really great lyrics throughout the album.

9) TesseracT - Concealing Fate
I only put this on here because James made me. All kidding aside this is just a glimpse into what lies ahead for one of the UK’s most exciting bands and I can already say that next year’s album is sure have a place in my Top Ten of 2011.
Concealing Fate Part 2 - Deception

10) The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - Danza III: The Series of Unfortunate Events
An incredible mix of groove-laced, technical guitar playing provides the back bone for Tony Danza’s third effort. The fact that this can be accomplished whilst at the same time being so unapologetically ear destroying is remarkable. Turn the volume up to 11 and press play.

Back to reality - day to day at Basick.

It’s all quiet at Basick HQ right now, we’re still on a massive come down from our 5th Birthday celebrations and getting back to the reality of running the label day to day.

James Basick is off pretending to be a rockstar in America with his band Tesseract who are on tour supporting Devin Townsend. Tomorrow they play Hollywood (nah, never heard of it either!) - we’re not remotely jealous that he’s left us knee deep in the depths of a cold British Autumn working away on plans for 2011.

In the office we’ve locked Barley the boss into a cupboard with a bunch of contracts and legal documents, he’s not allowed out until he’s completed them all and signed us some amazing new talent to unleash on you all in 2011. Occasionally we open the door and poke him with a stick to see he’s still breathing! He did manage to escape for long enough to do an interview with the amazing chaps at got-djent.com - read it here.

Sean has been busy working on our new i-phone app which is now available for download. Now I’m not the most technical person in the world - so you are probably best heading over to our i-phone app page to find out more info. Download it for your phone, you’ll never be without the latest Basick news, info and releases again. (Aren’t we nice!)

And that just leaves me - I’m working away on plans for world domination for Basick for 2011 and also our all important Christmas activities. There’s a lot to pack into the last few weeks of the year and I’m pleased to say that this year for Basick has been one of our best ever. 2011 is shaping up to be amazing - so it’s all hands on deck to make sure we kick it off with a bang!

I’ll leave you with one of our bands (in fact one of my all time favourite bands, I adore these guys) - No Made Sense. They’ve recently been in the studio completing album no 2 - which I’ve been promised is a departure from their previous sound, so I’m absolutely desperate to hear it. You can catch up on all their album news on their blog.

However, if this vid is anything to go by…I’m not sure the public are ready for the amazingness that is their new sound! ;)

Lisa Basick x

Basick Birthday Bash - the blog.

On the 25th September 350 people descended upon Luton University Union to celebrate the 5th Birthday of Basick Records. Why Luton? Basick was born in Luton and label boss Barley decided to bring it home for a party to say thanks to everyone who has supported the label over its first 5 years.

Two of the Basick team are based in Scotland, Sean handles all the design and web development for Basick, whilst I look after the marketing and social media and we decided to fly down to celebrate with the rest of the Basick family. We weren’t the only ones flying in for the free event, people jetted in from America and Germany to attend.

We managed to arrive early to to catch Chimp Spanner’s sound check. In a few hours he’d be playing his first ever live gig, it was great to finally see him with a full band with no one else around.

Jay was busy setting up the Basick Merch Desk - full of our new illustrator series tee’s, new Ion Dissonance merch and loads of free sampler cd’s for everyone at the party.

Jay at the merch desk with Barley from Basick Records.

As the night began it became apparent that a lot of people that we speak to through the label on Twitter and Facebook were there. Social media, love it or hate it, you have to admit its great for bringing people together and nowhere was this more apparent than at the Basick Birthday Party. People I’d only ever seen as small avatars and odd screen names were suddenly all together in one room, watching bands we all discuss, review and follow online.

Some of the twitterati - giles triaxis, dizzydalek, cj_triaxis, legionaod, lisalovescheese and ross76 

More of the twitter crowd - yellowxander, girlfromtheship and katfromearth

Chimp Spanner took to the stage backed by members of Monuments to play a blinding first gig to an excited crowd. It sounds even better live than recorded! I spent most of this set with a massive grin on my face and it was amazing to hear his music come alive. Having played the set live, I’m sure that it will add an extra dimension to the next album he records.

Chimp Spanner’s first ever gig! (photo credit: Terry Smith)

Between the Screams (photo credit: Terry Smith)

Next up to the stage were Between the Screams who played to an emptier room as everyone had either hit the bar or were outside having a smoke! They ploughed on regardless and won over the crowd, preparing the way for the next act of the night - Monuments.

Monuments (photo credit: Terry Smith)

I met some of Monuments backstage who nervously proclaimed that they hadn’t played many gigs and they were playing new songs tonight and they hoped the set would go ok. I gave Browne (guitars) a big hug and reminded him he was playing to the Basick family and faithful fans so the most important thing was to enjoy it. And enjoy it they did, taking Chimp Spanner back on stage with them to fill out the guitars. The room filled up, a pit got going and the whole room at one point was a mass of wriggling bodies, with massive grins all enjoying the set. Monuments earlier worries were unfounded. If this set was anything to go by these guys are going to be massive and deservedly so.

And then it was the moment I had personally been waiting for. Tesseract. Unfortunately due to Dan, the vocalist being ill, they were doing an instrumental set. I felt a bit gutted as I’d flown from Scotland to specifically see them but from the very first song my reservations about an instrumental set were blown away. Whilst they played their first few opening bars - the crowd filled in for Dan and sang all the words, really loud. It was an absolutely beautiful moment and the pit was absolutely bouncing and Tesseract sounded massive.  I was lucky enough to be side stage for their set so I got to see both the band and the crowd reaction. These guys are without a doubt, going to do something very special. They’ve recently signed to Century Media and both Steve and Jens from CM were in the crowd to see their new signings play.

Some of the Basick family watching Tesseract: Chimp Spanner, Visions, Monuments

And all too quickly the night was over but the team had one final surprise up their sleeve for label boss Barley. Earlier in the week we’d surprised him with a happy birthday message board, packed with messages of support from our bands, the team, other label owners, friends, fans and family. At the end of the gig the team, led by Mama Basick and James Basick surprised Barley with a birthday cake onstage. Barley then took to the stage to accept the cake and thank everyone who’d come along to the event.

James from Tesseract/Basick introducing label boss Barley. (photocredit: Terry Smith)

Barley thanks the Basick fans for turning out to support the label

It was amazing to meet all the bands, the rest of the team and the whole Basick fanbase. If the first five years are anything to go by then the next five years are going to be even bigger, better and more explosive. Plans are already afoot for 2011 with albums from No Made Sense and Monuments expected and some surprise new signings!

Thanks to everyone who came to party with us, and if you didn’t get a free cd, you can download one for free from our website here.

Our next post will be a photoslide show showing more of the pics that we couldn’t fit into this blog from the event. We’ll see you at the next one! \m/

Lisa Basick 

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